Stage acting and the entertainment industry never gets old. Over time, the industry discovers numerous actors and actresses with unique acting skills and abilities. And one actress you should know is one of Modern Family‘s special stars—Sofia Vergara. Why should you know her? No big deal, except she tops the spot of the highest-paid actresses in 2020! As Forbes reported, Vergara earns a total of $43 million. And whether you are a veteran actor or just starting your career, it helps to make an impression, particularly in an audition or workshop. Impressions run from your net worth, acting skills, looks, etc. And a way to summarize your details is by listing them down in a useful sample acting resume.

Free Beginner Acting Resume Template

free beginner acting resume template

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Free Acting Teacher Resume Template

free acting teacher resume template

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Acting Resume Outline Template

acting resume outline template

This particular template is apt for you if you have vast acting experience. This is a 3-page template, with professional design, and easily customizable and printable in Word.

PDF Acting Resume Template

pdf acting resume template

Example of Acting Resume Template

example of acting resume template

Acting Resume Template Example

acting resume template example

Best Acting Resume Template

best acting resume template

Acting Resume Template to Print

acting resume template to print

Acting Resume Template Downloadable PDF

acting resume template downloadable pdf

Sample Acting Resume Template to Download

sample acting resume template to download

Guidelines for Acting Resume Template

guidelines for acting resume template

Printable Acting Resume Template PDF

printable acting resume template pdf

Acting Resume Template Free Download

acting resume template free download

Free Acting Resume Template Download

free acting resume template download

Sample Acting Resume Template

sample acting resume template

Acting Sample Resume

acting sample resume

Beginner Acting Resume Template

beginner acting resume template

Acting Resume Layout

acting resume layout

Acting Resume Template No Experience

acting resume template no experience

Acting Resume Template for Microsoft Word

acting resume template for microsoft word

Acting Resume Template Doc

acting resume template doc

What Is an Acting Resume?

In terms of casting, auditions, and acting workshops, the acting resume serves as an entrance for every aspiring actor or actress who wishes to be part of a role. Just like any other resume, the document identifies the actor’s basic information. But, acting resumes tailor its content according to acting-related details. So when an actor wishes to be part of a role in theater, film, commercial, or any acting medium, he or she must send the acting resume. And this resume contains the actor’s headshot, primary info, acting roles, training experiences, and even an agent’s contact details.

How to Prepare the Acting Resume

Since there is a system in auditioning for certain roles in an acting medium, expect to create a professional acting resume. It is just like applying for a job anyway, where sending your resume is standard for identification purposes. And what is in your resume will be studied by admins if you fit for the role or task given. To land a role, follow these steps on how to prepare your acting resume:

Step 1: Tailor Your Resume to Your Role

First of all, what are you auditioning for? Is it to become a voice actor, lead actor, or perhaps, a supporting actor? Be sure to know your purpose because it is a crucial detail to consider in making the resume. Use relevance in crafting the acting resume. For example, if you applied for TV acting, then state relevant experiences, skills, and training that could increase your chances of landing that TV acting role.

Step 2: Observe a Detailed yet Brief Resume

Detailed acting resumes are impressive but be careful if your information becomes too much. If you compare a resume and a curriculum vitae (CV), you would know that resumes are more straightforward and summarized compared to CV. So be sure to be informative in your resume but also be specific. For example, you can attach your headshot in the resume instead of describing your physical features in paragraphs.

Step 3: Highlight Your Previous Experiences and Skills

Emphasize your previous skills, training, and experiences in the resume. The key is to observe an inverted pyramid wherein you highlight your most significant experiences and special skills down to the least important ones. That way, you can grab the admin’s attention immediately by providing the best details first. Just like in a cover letter, first impressions always matter. But for your roles, mention each role in reverse-chronological order, meaning your latest gigs will be written first down to the oldest.

Step 4: Polish the Resume’s Format and Design

Of course, an acting resume’s format and design cannot be forgotten. Poor design or format already creates an unfortunate impression, and you would not want that. Ensure that all texts are legible and that the details are organized. Indeed, you collate essential info in the resume but not to the point where everything is jumbled in the presentation. Keep it organized and professional since the acting resume is still a formal document.


What is the purpose of an acting resume?

Making acting resumes is not for naught. Keep in mind that in a resume, you are represented by your skills, experience, training, etc. Your acting resume talks about you, and admins will judge if you qualify for the role you desired. More so, excellent content on your resume pushes your candidacy for acting and be called for a screen test soon.

How much does an average actor earn?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) stated that the average actor earns around $39.4 per hour. Yet, the difference lies in the agreement‘s content, earning rate, project size, and more.

What are the important skills to incorporate in an acting resume?

Skills may vary, and it depends on what the admins want or find impressive. But generally, actors impress admins with skills related to teamwork, time management, emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, and other special skill sets.

Theater, drama, movies, and other related fields lure millions of people out there. While there are individuals who appreciate the craft, others are also inspired to pursue the art of acting. Hence, you can go to great lengths and be noticed by special agents, producers, studios, etc. You can get anywhere in this industry by proving not only in your acting chops but also by what you present in your acting resume. And we have just the templates available for that reason—download now!

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