Apart from the parades and speeches that are a part of a typical Labor Day Celebrations, the day also marks the end of summer. The three-day long weekend is marked with beach and pool parties at this time of the year. Reunions and Music Flyer Templates barbecue gatherings are also common as children prepare to face another school year. To reflect the mood of the Labor Day, event management companies need flyers which are bubbling with life like the celebrations itself.

Labor Day Party Flyer Template PSD Format

Attractive Labor Day Party Flyer Template

Colorful Labor Day Flyer Template

Labor Day PSD Flyer Template

Amazing Labor Day Flyer Template

Spectacular Labor Day Flyer Template

Wonderful Labor Day Flyer Template

These Labor Day Flyer Templates are perfect for any such event that is being organized over the weekend at any club/bar or even for a mainstream music event. The templates are structured in a way that they can be easily edited. You can alter the text, edit the colors, move images and turn/off layers creating tons off different looks. These can be easily downloaded and printed out.

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