The spec sheet template available to manage digital information such as address location; address unit, max size of the file, and type of the file, animations and the other type of details. The Specification Sheet Templates helps to get the information for which type of contents can be added to the spec sheet.

Different Product Description Templates available for preparing proper spec sheet. Usually these templates are available in the Word, Excel and PSD formats. So you can get this sample based on your needs. The Spec Sheet Template helps to prepare the effective spec sheet. You can get all the important details in this website about the Spec Sheet.

Spec Sheet Template

File Format

Size: A4, US


Builder Spec Sheet Template

File Format
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Google Docs

Size: A4 & US


Specification Sheet Template

File Format

Size: A4, US


Specification Sheet Template Graphic Design

As the name suggest, this specification sheet template Graphic Design is constructed in a graphical form. Thus it is both attractive and appealing. With a graphic representation of the product, this specification sheet marks the parts of the product meticulously. That is necessary in a spec sheet. Download this template online for a free use in a format of your choice like Word, PDF, etc.

Spec Sheet Template Simple

Spec sheet template simple is an effective and efficiently made template. The information or the specifications describe in the template is both simple and direct. There is no use of crafty language but a simple direct language so that even a layman can understand it. Download this template for free in the format of your choice.

Garment Specifiaction Sheet Template

Garment specific sheet template is a customised template especially for garments. This sheet is well made with clear cut description of the garments. Download this template online for a free use. Also, this template is available in various formats.

Spec Sheet Template in Word

Specification sheet template is a sophisticated piece of document made with an attractive font style and layout. This specification sheet follows a tabular format with column heads like Revision number, the revision, page number, author, etc. This specification sheet ensures that all the specification updates are easily looked through. Download this template online for a free use in formats of your choice like Word, PDF, etc.

Downloadable Spec Sheet Template

Printable Specification Sheet Template

Example Spec Sheet Template

Product Spec Sheet Template Example

Sample PDF Specification Sheet Template

Spec Sheet Template Fashion

Why do we need a Specification Sheet Template?

Using Digital platform requires efforts and one such effort is to be updated about their specifications. For instance if your company deals with an online software you will need to keep the specification sheet updated with the name, location, address unit, file size, file max size, animations and other types of details.

For the smooth functioning your company needs to maintain a Specification sheet template. You can also see Estimate Sheets.

When do we need a Specification Sheet Template?

Specification sheets are available in various forms and type depending on your will you can choose the best amongst them. There are specification sheets in tabular form while others are in graphical form, it depends on you to pick the template the sought your means.

There are sheets available in various formats as well like Word, PDF, Excel, PSD, etc. companies/ firms can use the templates for easing the process of maintaining specification sheet.

What are the Benefits of Specification Sheet Templates?

Specification sheets are easy to avail and easy to maintain. These sheets can be availed online from a collection of other specification sheets. The user can select and download the specification sheet template that’s best for his business.

These sheets are a perfect option when you do not want to get stuck in tedious task of developing a whole new specification sheet. These sheets are perfect option for convenience.

Download the specification sheet template that is best for you. The abundance of specification sheet templates in this link will help you decide among the abundant options available here. These links use proper formats and interesting language hence they are a perfect choice for buyers/dealers.

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