You can rely on simple Budget Templates to create a simple yet an effective budget. You can use the budget for daily, monthly or weekly purchase plans. The act of building a simple budget generally entails listing your incomes on one side and the expected expenses on the other side. This is done before you even have the incomes. This means that by the time you are getting the money, you already have the use for that money.

Budget Template Printable

budget template printable

The budget template printable provides you with a worksheet which helps you in keeping the record of your expenditure in a particular month which further helps you to plan the budget for the next month. It clearly depicts all the information needed like your income, expenses this month and budget for next month.

Simple Personal Budget Template

simple budget worksheet excel

The simple personal budget template features a simple budget worksheet in which you can yourself add your own categories or directly write all the expenses without categorising them. It has two different columns for writing the description and amount of the expense.

Simple Monthly Budget Template

simple monthly budget template

As the name suggests, the monthly budget worksheet template free is specially designed for preparing the monthly budget. It showcases a table for writing the information in it like monthly budget, monthly actual, difference and notes in front of the categories provided to you.

Simple Wedding Budget Template


The simple wedding budget template is specially designed for preparing the wedding budget. It features a spreadsheet which helps you in maintaining the record of all your upcoming expenses for the wedding and ultimately prepares a budget for it. The expenses are categorised as stationery, attire, rings, rehearsal dinner and ceremony.

Simple Business Budget Template

simple event planner budget template

Simple Household Budget Template Free

simple household budget template free

Simple Budget Template Excel

simple budget template excel

Simple Monthly  Budget Template

simple monthly budget template1

Simple Budget Template for Kids

simple blank budget template pdf

Simple Budget Template Printable

simple budget template printable

Simple Family Budget Template

simple pet budget worksheet template

Budget Planner Template

budget planner template

General Budget Format

general budget format

Why is the Simple Budget Template Needed?

The simple budget template is needed for preparing an effective budget. These templates provide you with various types of worksheets in which you can keep the record of present months expenses which will make it easy for you to draft the budget. Considering expenses made by you whole month, it becomes really easy to prepare the budget of the upcoming month. This budget making is needed as it helps you in saving money by stopping your unnecessary money spending habits, it will make you more organised by keeping the record of all expenses, it will help you in minimising your expenses by making you notice all the expenses and for many more reasons like this.

When is the Simple Budget Template Needed?

The simple budget template is needed when you need to prepare the budget which can be for variety of reasons like if you wish to reduce your expenses incurred, if you want to control your profligate spending, if you want to save money for a purpose or if you just want to keep the record of your expenses. This template is also needed to overview the expenses of going on month so that it becomes easy for you to prepare the budget for the next month. The template is also needed when you do not have much time to draft the whole budget on your own as with the help of these templates, you can easily download, print and use these templates.

Benefits of the Simple Budget Template

The simple budget template has several benefits like it helps in preparing an effective budget within no time and without much effort as all information is provided in the template already and you just need to fill them up. It also helps in minimising your expenses which you are not able to keep your own as this template helps you in enlisting all types of expenses and have an exact picture of expenses being made by you. These templates are also beneficial in helping you save the money which becomes a really tough job, especially for spendthrifts.You can also see Budget Estimate Templates.

The simple budget templates are ready to use templates which are easily available on the internet. You can download these templates with just a click which also saves your time. There are as many as fifteen different options available for in it which helps you in choosing the most suitable.

Formulating a budget is very easy but sticking to the plan is the hard part. A budget will not guarantee you the end of your debts but it will be a forward step in building the financial stability you need.

A simple budget is one that has realistic goals; you should use the budget to;

  • Cater for your basic necessities
  • Prevent debts or minimizing them
  • Generate savings
  • Stop anxiety for money
  • Pay the bills on time
  • Have an early retirement in the long run

Why it’s Important

A sample Home Budget plan is very important when you are starting. The simple balancing of the expected income with your projected expenses prevents you from getting into debts. You will be able to limit your expenditures as per the incomes you are getting.

A Budget Templates when done right gives you a sense of worthiness. You are able to track where your money is going and you can increase your savings. By doing this, you increase your net worth and also your credit worthiness.

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