A wedding is incomplete without the love and blessings of your near and dear ones. It might get a little tough to remember inviting everyone and then keeping a track of invitations and RSVP’s for your wedding and reception guests. We are here to help you with our wedding guest list free samples, examples.Our templates are available in both word and excel format for your convenience. To ensure your big day that you have always dreamt of with the presence of all your close ones, download our templates that have all the given blocks for adding name of invitees, tracking their RSVP’s etc and use it as a checklist. You can also see Sample Shopping List Templates.

Free Wedding Guest List Template


A free wedding guest list template is one simplistic, sober document in which bride side as well as groom side can fill in the names of the guests they will be inviting for the wedding. This template as mentioned above is simple so those who prefer simplistic format can pick up this one. The template is available online for free downloads in PDF Format.

Wedding Guest List Template Free

wedding guest list template free1


A wedding guest list template is a free to avail and free to download template that can be used by the to-be-wedded couple for their use. This template can accommodate the name of the invited guests; his/her address and phone number for inviting them for the wedding. This template can also be used when the number/address is immediately needed. Download this free template in PDF Format.

Sample Wedding Guest List

sample wedding guest list


A sample wedding guest list template is an efficient template that can be used by one for filling up separate stick on’s that needs to be sticked on wedding invites. This is basically a list cum slip in which the name and address of the invitees is filled in and then it is pasted over the template. Download this free template online for free use.

Wedding Guest List Template PDF

wedding guest list template pdf


The wedding guest list template is a beautiful layout for creating and filling up a list of guests that one needs to invite for the wedding. This one is comparatively more innovative than other templates because of grand layout and use of bold colours. Download this template online in PDF Format and access it for free use without any hassles.

Printable Wedding Guest List Worksheet

printable wedding guest list template

Printable Wedding Guest List Template

printable wedding guest list template

Wedding Guest List Tracker

wedding guest list template excel

Why Do We Need a Sample Wedding Guest List Template?

A sample wedding guest list template is an innovative initiative by this portal wherein one can use the readymade sample wedding guest list templates for creating an organised list of wedding guests. The need of a guest list is indispensable. One has to invite guests, but at many events, we forget inviting some people. This is because of the burden of organising the whole event. Wedding is a burdensome affair. So in order to unload oneself and/or make the event more organised one can binge in for wedding guest list templates.You can also see Project List Templates.

When Do We Need a Sample Wedding Guest List Template?

A sample wedding guest list is an essential part of the whole process of a wedding. And oft times we forget some important people who must have been invited, so in order to get over that problem, one can use these sample templates that are beautiful and organised, just like we want them. Though these templates vary on content, but more or less each one has been successful at penning down and accomplishing the utility from a wedding guest list template. Another template amongst them can be used as it is for sticking it over invites. So download from this list of templates for solving your purposes.

What are Benefits of Sample Wedding Guest List Templates?

A sample wedding guest list has to be innovative, creative, and colourful but at the same time it also needs to be clear-cut, organised and sheen. Thus people prefer a sample wedding guest list for recording their list of invited guests. The templates do not charge one for delivering well-designed formats because they are completely free for downloads. Many of them are available in PDF Format, which is mostly compatible with all devices so one needs to simply download the template and print it.

A sample wedding guest list simplifies your tasks, organises your data well and helps you in presenting it more beautifully. The organised data can be useful at all times for the organisers for keeping a check on the guests. Thus one can download these templates for availing free services.You can also see Sample Price List Templates.

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