Planning a social, formal or family event! Be it you kid’s birthday party, a formal business event or a pool side party; we have something for every event. A guest list template is a must to ensure all the people you want are invited and also to track all the RSVP’s. Simply download our free samples and examples or choose from our huge collection of templates to plan a party.Our Sample List Templates are easily customizable, so download them now and fill them up with details of your guests to manage your guest list easily in any relevant format like word, excel, PDF etc.

Guest List Template PDF

This sample of guest list template is available in PDF format and can be used for easy printing. This template is issued by a skating company and comes with a detailed instruction about the payment and rules for admission into the venue. There is a provision for writing down the name of the invitees.

Birthday Party Guest List Template

This sample of birthday party guest list is also a list by a family centre. This template has some interesting designs of the cartoon along with a provision for writing down the names of the guests. This template has an interesting border with images of balloons drawn on the sidebars.

Printable Guest List Template

This sample of printable guest list template is meant to be used for the purpose of a house party. This sample has the name of the child, along with the details of regarding the date and time of celebration written on the upper portion of the page. The name of the kids are included in the columns below which is followed by a small set of instruction for the parents.

Guest List Template Excel

This sample of guest list template is meant for organizing a wedding. The guest list is divided in two sections namely on the basis of people who shall be attending the reception and the dinner. The cost estimation of the dinner and reception is calculated on the excel sheet and the main guest list is divided in the form of name, phone number, email address, street address and city.

Baby Shower Guest List Template

Guest List Manager

Printable Wedding Guest List

Guest List Template for Mac

Sample Guest List Template

Tips for Creating a Wedding Guest List

  • As a first step of actually creating a weeding guest list involves getting a good idea of your own budget.
  • Rely on drafting and thinking before creating a list. Do not invite friends with whom you haven’t spoken for the last two years. If you do not want children in your wedding, don’t feel guilty about hosting an all adult party.
  • Keep typically two lists. Send out the first round of invites to people in the first list who are very important in your life. If you get a lot of RSVP with negative reply, you can start sending out invites to the people from the second list.
  • Lastly keep a tap of how many guests your in-laws or parents are allowed to invite.

Tips To Keep a Guest List Small

Having a small guest list provides the organizers with some kind of confirmation that all the people invited would attend. Inviting a random bunch of people who would not show up only add up to your guest bills. SO make sure you invite only current friends who you talk to. Face book friends do not qualify in that list. Keeps a strict tab on people wishing to bring in a date. Do not invite someone , just because you were invited to their wedding reception 10 years back. Lastly opt for a destination wedding where no one from your family has ever lived. It would ensure that only people who matter the most shall come with you to your wedding venue.You can also see Sample Shopping List Templates.

Tips for Building your Guest List

  • Create a list of all the people who you think qualify to be in your guest list. Get their contact numbers and email address
  • From that list create a separate list of people who have kids or are married or have been dating someone seriously for a long time.
  • Set an REVP options through e-mail or by any other medium you deem convenient. Ask them to make a meal choice, and about their attendance to ensure you suffer minimum wastage.

Managing a guest list for any event is not an easy task. Finding the perfect balance between your desire and financial capacity is tricky. We have some sample of guest lists, which can help you to filter your guest list depending on a lot of factors, so that it becomes more manageable and hassle free for the organizers.You can also see Project List Templates.

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