As the modern technology have given us much progress in our daily life, email is one of its greatest gifts as it easily transmits messages from one computer to another with the help of the internet. Happy birthday emailis now commonly used to greet someone aside from the usual song and cards; here you can add creative logos and fonts to cheer an individual in their birthday. An online letter scheme that anyone educated in computer application is made uniquely and with no trouble.Example template can provide the sample format you can rely to have the systematize layout for making the message worth saving for. Happy birthday emailtoday is being bedazzled and in creative way so they can impart what is the importance of a person to their life by greeting them in their date of birth. You can also see Sample Emails.

Happy Birthday Mail

This sample of happy birthday mail is meant for kids below the age of four. The main has a very simple yet attractive design. It is available in three different variations, as well as in CMYK colors. The sample has a fully layered version and comes in 6X4 inch print size dimension.

Happy Birthday Template

This sample of happy birthday template is meant for adults. It has a colorful design but is devoid of any type of graphic content. This template is available in three different formats and has a printing format of 7X5 inches. This template is available in both PSD as well as INDD format.

Greeting Card Template

This sample of greeting card template is another template which can be used by any company or enterprise for wishing any individual. It has a pretty impersonal design, with the image of a cupcake and candle planted on top of the cake. The name of the company and its logo appears on the header portion of the card while that of the recipient on the centre.

Happy Birthday Email Message

Happy Birthday Email Graphics

What Are The Advantages Of Using E-Cards?

Paper cards and electronic cards both have their own different appeal, however if you go to weight the advantages of one over the other, electronic cards would far surpass paper cards.

  • Money Saver- electronic cards practically costs nothing and provides the user with a plethora of options to choose from.
  • Time Saver- e- cards offer great time saving options in comparison to physical cards. They reach the recipient in a fraction of a second. Besides this, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home or office to buy them.
  • Environmental Benefits- ecards have unlike physical cards do not require paper. Less paper means less trees being chopped down.
  • Customization- E-cards offer user unlimited options of customization.

What Is the Importance of Sending E-Cards to Friends and Relatives

In the age of social networking distance is no longer a factor, when it comes to keeping in touch. It is difficult to forget birthday’s given the fact that birthdays pop up in the reminder column every day. It is now a matter of common courtesy to send greetings cards to friends and family. It only takes a couple of minutes to make them feel special and loved.You can also see Sample Business Emails.

What Role Does An E-Card Play In The Domain Of Business Marketing?

Business e- cards still play a huge role in the domain of promotion, relation building and marketing. These business e-cards are easy to customize and personalize and offer a great alternative to costly paper cards. Personalizing business e-cards makes the client feel special and important which is very important in the realm of business of marketing. Sending e-cards on special occasion also enhances your image in the clients showcasing your contempory thinking.

The samples given above are print ready and can be customized as per the requirement. You can download them and send them to your friends, family or colleagues on special occasion without leaving the comfort of your work space.You can also see  Sample Thank You Emails

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