Our website gives you a wide range of samples for printable Christmas games that can be of great use to you during Christmas when kids will come for Christmas games. These templates are fun to use and are available in many beautiful designs and patterns such as Christmas tree or Santa Claus to beautify it and make it more attractive.You can select your desired template and use it. These Game Board Templates are present in various colors and can be edited or modified according to your choice. You can print and download them for your use in DOC format.

Santa Christmas Game


The ideal past-time game is presented by this template. The popular image of Santa and The North Pole used to indicate the starting and finishing points respectively.Intricately designed, this maze template is sure to make it to the Christmas special edition magazines and newspapers.

Christmas Matching Game Example


Bright use of colors, adorable illustrations of penguins, candies, Christmas tree and its assortments can be seen on this template. Made to be used as a match making game, this template is widely used for amusement of the little ones.

 Downloadable Christmas Game


This template displays colorful designs bordering a quiz box. The questions are numbered with sufficient space for one lined answers. The template title, layout and content can be easily altered to publish several editions using a premade page.

Printable Christmas Games


This simple designed template is a vocab revision game, where you need to recollect and jot down words starting with all the 26 alphabets. The icon or image used can be changed from the list of graphics offered. It is very easy to create and compatible with MS word.

Christmas Trivia Games


Christmas Math Puzzle Games


Christmas Carol Quiz Game


Christmas Games to Play


Merry Bingo Christmas Game


Christmas Games for Kids


Christmas Games for Adults


Sample Christmas Games


When can use the Christmas Game Template?

As suggested by the title in subject, this template is used to introduce games centered around the Christmas spirit. Magazines and newspapers which maintain a separate section for puzzles and quizzes can launch several editions of Christmas games during the festive season, using this template. Schools can take up this template to assign students with fun filled homework during the Christmas holidays. Parents can come up with family games using this template to make Christmas Eve memorable. You can make a thin book based on a common theme, comprising crosswords, quizzes, match-making, card games, vocab check games and many more during Christmas season.

How to use the Christmas Game Template?

There are several types of games available under this template category. Depending on whether you want to create a maze, scramble words, match images, recall carols or other such activities, you can select and download the relevant template. Once this is done, you can access the template and edit the page, add funny captions, use brilliant background shades or insert images of the all-time favorite red-suited, plump and white bearded Santa. Simply modify the difficulty level of a game or lend it a catchy name, all possible on using the template. The best of layouts are available just like adding strawberries to your plum pudding.

What are the pros of using the Christmas Game Template?

The template offers a wide range of applications which are easy to operate and brilliantly designed to put up a well enjoyed game. It has something special to offer to people of all generation, be it a walk through a maze or few minutes of brainstorming crosswords. Each and every game can be easily modified to launch successive editions that can last throughout the festive month of Christmas. The graphic icons available increase its appeal amongst the little gamers.The border color, quiz box shapes, background images and doodle impressions can be customized whenever you come up with a new game.You can also see Sample Dot Game Templates.

Christmas is a festival to be enjoyed with family and friends. Amusement activities like games add the fun element into the annual jubilation. The Christmas Game Template helps come up with interesting games that are designed for people of all age groups. It comes with great variation in colors and designs.

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