Interactive games that are played either online or in a gaming console has been around for several decades. It has become one of the most popular entertainment pastimes regardless of age. More so with the rapid advancement of technology and the convenience of the internet, the gaming industry is enjoying a steady rise of its revenue. With that more tech companies have jump on board to join this attractive source of revenue. Coming up with a game design proposal is one of the many challenges of tech companies, with thousands of games out in the market. Each game should be engaging and interesting enough to attract new customers. Read more about game design proposals in our article for today and it get you started you may want to check our free game design proposal samples below:

3+ Game Design Proposal Samples

1. Game Interactive Design Proposal

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2. Game Media Design Proposal

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3. Game Design Project Proposal

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4. Game Design Panel Proposal

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What Is A Game Design Proposal?

With a thousands of games out in the market and competition stiff, it is crucial for companies to come up with the best design for a new game. A game design proposal is a document that defines every aspect of your potentially new game from how it works to its overall performance. These proposals are submitted by gaming developers who either work in tech company or are outsourced. Remember, if you are a developer chances your proposals are one of the many others the companies are looking into. So it is important for a game design proposal to stand out and be favorable to the management.

How To Create A Game Design Proposal?

The purpose of design proposals in whatever relevant aspect is to to gain the approval of clients, or in the case of architectural or design competitions, win approval from the judges. These proposals must give a comprehensive description of what the designer intends in a way that can be understood by the client. The same thing goes for a game design proposal, meaning the contents of your proposal is pivotal to the have it successful chosen. This is the initial step in securing a successful business deal. Remember, game design proposal intends to have the following criteria:

  • Satisfies client’s goals and vision.
  • Must be aesthetically appealing and up to date with the latest gaming trends.
  • Achievable within the proposed budget and time frame.
  • Must be feasible and satisfies the planning and other requirements (legally if applicable)

As a developer, you understand how much the first impression matters, so the goal is to start the proposal with an attention-grabbing image. With this let us go through the following components that makes up an effective game design proposal.

I. Brief Statement or Overview of the Game

This section will contain your summary of the key elements of the game, as well as the goals and objectives of the game itself. You may also include a subsection that describes briefly the important aspects of the game or for adding definitions, abbreviations and acronyms of the document.

II. Mechanics

In this section describes the various elements of the game and how it is played. Categories are used to classify and specify general attributes and behavior that share the same element, which belongs into a category. And rules how elements can interact with each, example the main player and its enemy.

III. Game Features

This section should contain the basic and advanced dynamics specification of the game such as the features, responses, functional hierarchy and system mode. Objectives, rewards and challenges of the game play are describe here. How the player would learn to play the game also should be described.

 IV. Game Design

Define the overall design goal and artistic direction of the game proposal. Such as what the player perceives directly through their senses. Or what he or she sees and hears as they play the game.

 V. User Experience

Describe the importance and stability of the different aspects of the game. Like if a decision change is made by the player what are the different impacts of such in the gameplay. Add the quality of attributes as well. Highlight the important aspects of the game and what is hoped to be achieved from these aspects.

VI. Assumptions, Constraints And Timeline

Define the different design assumptions and limitation of the game, either in technical or business. Both assumptions and constraints affect the design decisions of the game. Assumptions can be checked later in the project and may bring changes to the game design. Also do not forget to add your proposed timeline or game schedule in which the game design in order to give the reader a leeway on what to expect.


Why Do People Play Video Games?

Playing video or interactive games enhances users to experience excitement, the thrill and their problem solving skills while still enjoying the experience and the comfort of playing these games anywhere anytime. You can play games that give you the opportunity to do things you never would be able to do in real-life

Who Are Game Designers?

Game designers are responsible for bringing a prospective games into life. They can be multitaskers since they are in charge of writing the story line, being an artist and programmer as well.

What Is Game Development?

Game development is the comprehensive process of creating a game. It describes the design,  development and release of a game.

Simply writing a game design proposal isn’t enough to get your proposal chosen. Always consider foremost the goals of your management or client. What they wish to see and expect, and of course having a unique game plan is also a must. Incorporate all that in an effective game design proposal to win the chance of this being selected.

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