Ever since the discovery of photography, people have been experimenting with taking photos of different subjects. As time goes by, photography technology has greatly improved and everyone has access to cameras (through their phones or portable cameras) to capture special moments. Even if people can basically take pictures by themselves, it takes a special kind of talent to take breathtaking and professional photos and handling different types of cameras and photoshop editors to enhance the photos. People who do these are called photographers. Because of their talent and creativity, people often ask for their services to get cool photos of themselves. For photographers, they need to give a scope of work for every client who asks for a large and numerous photography work. If you’re a photographer and are curious to know how to create a scope of work, keep reading the article below.

3+ Photography Control Scope of Work Samples

1. Digital Photography Control Scope of Work

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2. Photography Control Contract Scope of Work

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3. School Photography Control Scope of Work

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4. Photography Control Scope of Work

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The Different Types of Photographers

Photographers’ main job is to basically record events and tell stories by using images. They take pictures of different kinds of subjects such as people, places, events, and objects. A photographer’s trusted buddy that they must always have to do their job is a camera. Without, photographers can do nothing. A photographer’s job mainly focuses on:

  • Produce photography in various methods such as printed and digital media
  • Perform retouching and image adjustments after shoots
  • Promote their work to the public
  • Communicate with their clients to set up a date and place for a photoshoot
  • Maintain and manage photography equipment
  • Edit photos
  • Submit photos to their client
  • Manage photography sessions

Since the scope of photography is vast, different photographers specialize in different types of photography. For example, portrait photographers take pictures of people in studios or at various locations. Commercial photographers take pictures that are used professionally such as in books, advertisements, films, and magazines. Photojournalists take images that are used for stories on television news broadcasts or in newspapers. Aerial photographers take pictures of landscapes and building structures from airplanes or helicopters, and fine arts photographers take photographs and sell them as art.

How to Make a Photography Scope of Work

1. Background Information

The first part of the scope of work is the background summary of the photography job to be done for the client.  This is also where you can mention that you (as the photographer) and the client have agreed to the job and its terms.

2. Work Description

The next part is to state the specific job to be done for the client. Every client asks for different photography work, so make be definite on the type of job you will do for the client.

4. Objectives

The next part is the objectives section where you will describe the specific end goal of the photography job. The objectives are based on the client’s request and the end product they want from the photographer.

5. Deliverables

The deliverables are basically based on the objectives. This will determine the expected outcome of the job; it should describe the result of the work being done.

6. Schedule

To achieve the work on time, there should be a schedule of when the job will start and end.  Include in here the duration of the photography job.

7. Payment

On the last part of the scope of work, the payment should be emphasized. Put the payment amount for your services, including the materials you used in your work.  Discuss this first with the client before putting it into writing.


What type of photography pays the most?

There are actually different types of photography aspects that pay a lot; so if you’re mulling over which photography you want to focus on, you could dabble in these types of photography that you can get a big salary:

  • commercial photography
  • fashion photography
  • wedding photography
  • photojournalism
  • film set photography

How many hours does a photographer work?

It depends on what type of photography you work on; some don’t have definite, structured hours but they work very long hours such as photojournalists, fashion photographers, and some have more structured working hours such as portrait photographers who usually work 40 hours per week.

Which degree is best for photography?

If you aspire to be a professional photographer, you can choose the bachelor of arts, bachelor of fine arts, and bachelor of science photography programs to be able to study professional and technical courses in photography.

Make sure to review your scope of work for any details that you might have left out and to also check for spelling errors (avoid misspelling your client’s names, and the locations the photoshoot will be done) and grammatical errors. You need to sound professional in your scope of work. To help create your own scope of work, download our free sample templates provided above as your reference!

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