Everyone makes phone calls, whether they’re for business or for pleasure, made through a cellphone or a landline. And in the case of businesses, it sometimes becomes necessary to keep a track of the number, amount and duration of phone calls as a lot of employees might be using company resources to make personal phone calls. Now, all you need to do to keep a track of all your subordinates and all the phone calls they make is to perform a Phone Call Log Template Download.

Multiple Use Phone Log Templates

Keeping track of phone calls can be used with a wide variety of your business functions, right from keeping tabs on your employees call activities, to getting then reimbursed for their work-related phone bills. For those involved in sales or marketing, they might employ the use of a sample sales phone call log template.  And for companies that want to keep a log of all phone calls made to and from the office phones or a particular number, they can use these free to use templates instead of buying and expensive phone Log Sheet Template software.

Maintain a Record of Calling Activity

These simple and effective phone log forms can be used by any individual, small business or large institution to track every phone call made to every number, at every point of time. You can use these log virtually, or print them out and keep physical copies of the same. They can be used by schools, government offices and emergency services alike.

These premium phone log templates can become an essential component of any busy office environment whether it’s outbound sales on inbound customer service. These simple forms that are available in excel and word formats, are a perfect example of how a phone log should be.

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Phone Log Template Word

Cell Phone Log

Phone Log Mac

Phone Log Template Printable


Sample Phone Log


Communication Log


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