Our Pareto Chart templates are based on the Vilfredo Pareto charts. These Chart Templates are available in Word and Excel formats. They contain line graphs as well as bars where you can represent your individual values on the line graph as a cumulative total and on the bars in a descending order. Pareto Chart templates are absolutely free of cost and can be downloaded and print quickly and easily.

They can be used to represent customer complaints, health evaluations, product defects and several other purposes. These charts are cleverly and accurately crafted and are ideal for business houses of all sizes.

Pareto Chart Example


This template contains a couple of Pareto chart examples. One is for accidents by incident, and the other one is for defects by plant. By studying these examples, you can come to know how to create a Pareto chart. You can also download it and use it to make a Pareto chart on your own by making the necessary changes in the template.

Pareto Chart Template Free Download


This template gives you an example Pareto chart, along with an explanation of how Pareto charts can be helpful. You can download this template, understand the significance of Pareto charts, and create one to support your information. A Pareto chart can be extremely helpful in knowing your progress and working towards improving it.

Sample Pareto Chart Template


This sample Pareto chart template contains a table that talks about the detail of the chart in text, and the actual Pareto chart is given beneath it. It is an example Pareto chart displaying interest rates on outstanding debts. You can modify the information to make it specific to your project.

Pareto Chart Template PDF


This is a detailed Pareto chart template in PDF. It contains a sample Pareto chart on the top, and detailed text following that. It gives step-by-step instructions on how to create a Pareto chart, and how to read it in different formats.

Pareto Chart Template Download


Free Pareto Chart Template


Pareto Chart Tab Template


Pareto Analysis Template


Pareto Chart Template Excel


Pareto Chart Template Word


Why Do You Need a Pareto Chart Template?

A Pareto chart is an effective tool widely used in the field of project management. With the help of vertical bars and line charts, this chart template is used to depict a cumulative total of different categories.

The vertical bars are positioned in descending order in order to represent the data in a systematic way. A Pareto chart can be extremely helpful if you want to make the quality of your products or processes better with information. You may like Chore Charts.

When Do You Need a Pareto Chart Template?

Pareto chart templates can be helpful in a variety of applications across industries. You can use it whenever you want to analyze the type and frequency of errors or defects in a product or process. It can also come to your rescue when you wish to identify the cause of something in a course of action.

ou may use to communicate or share data with others in an organization, society or audience, or to find out a problematic element in a bigger process. You can also see Process Charts.

Benefits of a Pareto Chart Template

The Pareto chart templates available here are professionally designed to include all the elements that you would ask for in a Pareto chart. They are fully-featured and all-inclusive.

You can easily download them and use them to create Pareto charts, even if you are making one for the first time. These templates can be customized to include your specific details as per the project in hand.

Pareto charts can be extremely helpful in grouping items, taking measurements of frequency, cost, time and quality, and record categories for particular periods of time. These Pareto chart templates can be easily created in Word, Excel and PDF formats, and you can choose as per your skill level and personal requirements.

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