Even during the stages of development, babies grow in varying states, so it is important to consider that the fetal weight chart only lists the averages. When you look at the fetal Weight Chart, you can note that the length measurements are considered differently at various stages of the development process.Until 20 weeks, the baby is measured from the crown to the crump and after this period, the legs are easy to measure as they curl. This point reflects the distance from the head all the way to the toes. In understanding the development of the baby, the chart holds great significance.

Basic Fetal Weight Chart

basic fetal weight chart


Sample Fetal Weight Chart

sample fetal weight chart1


Fetal Weight Chart

fetal weight chart


International Fetal Weight Chart

international fetal weight chart


Fetal Infant Growth Rate Chart

fetal infant growth rate chart


Supplementary Fetal Growth Chart

supplementary fetal growth chart


Development Of A Fetal Weight Chart

develepment of a fetal weight chart


Australian Fetal Weight Chart

australian fetal weight chart


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