Paper dolls come in all shapes and sizes. They look really fun and cute and they appeal to kids. This is why they are a common fixture in most kid themed parties and Free Event Plan Templates as well as hobby activities. However, the range of paper doll templates and Paper Airplanes found online is limited in nature and you have to make do with certain set options.

If you want to make unique variants of paper dolls so that they fit the tastes of your kids, you are free to download the samples of paper doll template which  are easily available throughout the Internet. The most important factor in this case is the cost and you should know that downloading paper doll templates incurs no extra charge.

Paper Doll Dress Template

This is a cute doll dress template that you can download and use to create beautiful dresses for your doll. It allows you to make different kinds of dresses for your doll, which you can choose as per the type of look you want to give to your doll.

Girl Paper Doll Template

This girl paper doll template allows you to create a girl doll on your own. It has different body parts of the doll, which you can print and join to make a complete doll. You can make beautiful dresses for it and decorate it in the colors of your choice.

Paper Doll Chain Template

Paper doll chains are frequently used in birthday parties and baby showers to make the event specific to babies and children. Download this template and get a variety of patterns to make attractive paper doll chains. Color them with your choice and make your event more kid-friendly.

Paper Doll Man Template

This is a paper template that you can use to create a cute man doll. It comes with a whole lot of dress-up options too, including T-shirts, bottoms, shoes, caps, scarves, eyeglasses, belts, bags and masks. You can make a man doll with this template, and dress it up as per your individual choice.

Boy Paper Doll Template

Paper Doll Chain

Paper Doll Pattern

Paper Doll Template PDF

Why Do You Need a Sample Printable Paper Doll Template?

You can use these templates to make human figures that you can cut with paper or some thin card. Separate clothes can also be cut out that you can hold with the doll with the help of tabs. Paper dolls are inexpensive toys for children that they find extremely fun and enjoyable.

They can spend several hours playing with these dolls, whether with friends or alone. Today, paper dolls have become a kind of art form in their own arena, and you can use these sample printable paper doll templates to create these masterpieces.

When Do You Need a Sample Printable Paper Doll Template?

Paper dolls made with these printable paper doll templates can be extensively used for advertising in newspapers and magazines, playing by kids as well as adults and organizing puppet shows. The incredible paper dolls that you can create with these templates will become amazing collectibles to be kept cherished.

If you want to introduce your children to the unique art form of paper dolls, then download these sample printable paper doll templates, and create amazing paper dolls using them. You may like Paper Craft Templates.

Benefits of a Sample Printable Paper Doll Template

These sample printable paper doll templates are fully functional, all-inclusive and professionally designed. They can be easily downloaded and used to create amazing paper dolls.

They are easy to use, which even a small child can download to create dolls and dresses with paper. There is a whole lot of variety of templates, that you can use to create paper dolls of your choice.

Use the Paper Doll Template to Come Up With Your Own Unique Paper Doll

  • You can print out the premium-looking paper doll template easily for the purpose of colouring or various kinds of crafts activities.
  • You are able to draw inspiration from various sources to create unique paper dolls as per the choice of your children or some other theme.
  • Large paper doll templates can easily be used to create amazing paper dolls using materials that are easily available in your home.

Important Points to Keep in Mind

The universal appeal of paper dolls among the children means that the different paper doll templates may be employed in various learning activities. You cannot use MS Excel for the creation of paper doll templates. However, other tools, for example, a blank MS Word documents are highly conducive for the development of the paper dolls. You can edit the template in any way you want and save it in various formats to print later.

Paper dolls are wonderful, and playing with them is memorable. Today, they can be used not only for playing, but for other purposes also like advertising, designing and decorating. Use these sample printable paper doll templates to create masterpieces of your own.

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