Unfortunately, the printed out paper kite template for writing won’t have the aerodynamics it needs to fly, but it will remind both you and your kids of all the fun times you’ve had with the real thing! All you need is a printer, some White Paper Templates , scissors and glue, a few colors and a bit of wool or string.

Kite Template Printable


There are free kite patterns which are uploaded in the web, which can be freely printed or downloaded to give shape to own imagination. These templates normally have a long tale.

Kite Template with Bows


There can be several patterns as well which can be designed using the Kite templates. Kite Bow templates can be colored in various permutations and combinations to serve the aesthetics of the designer.


While business templates are epitomes of professional and formal communication, Kite templates are just the opposite. These templates are designed so as to capture the fun events and times that friends and family spend together in their life so that they can look back at these pieces of art and cherish the times that they spent together.
The major point of differentiation in Kite templates is that in addition to the content of these templates, the presentation and design & orientation of these kite templates are extremely crucial and contribute a lot to the overall look and feel of the template.

Kite Template for Bulletin Board


These are paper kite templates which are efficiently used as bulletin boards by students as well as professionals as a reminder to perform crucial tasks, well decorated at their desks.

Kite Template to Print


Printable Kite templates are simple white cuttings in the shape of a kite. These are then customized as per the design sense of the users with appropriate usage of colors.

Paper Kite Template


Paper Kite templates are quite similar to the printable kite templates with ample scope of customization. There are samples, examples and formats uploaded in the web for ready reference and download.


Kite templates are mostly used in informal and fun events so as to make the event more memorable and cherishable. These templates are extremely personified as per the design sense of the user, and are carved out using glues and scissors operating on a white chart paper.

White chart papers are preferred so that the designer can provide his own color imagination and contribute to its look and feel.


There can be various types of Kite templates, limited by the imagination of the designer. There are free printable templates, kite bow patterns, bulletin board templates and many more.

Preschool Kite Template


Kite patterns for preschools are one of the most attractive and visually appealing of all the other kite templates. It has specific directions on the paper as to how to fold in order to design the perfect kite template.

Kite Craft


Kite Craft, as the name suggest, are free downloadable kite templates specifically highlighting the folds and cuts which are required to design a kite template. There are free kite patterns as well which can be referred.

How to create?

The Kite templates are designed using chart papers (mostly white) along with sketch pens, scissors and glue to give it the desired shape.

Sample Printable Kite Template

There are certain printable Kite templates which are designed in PSD format with attractive visual effect. These at times take the shape of a butterfly kite template as well against an appropriate background.

Attractive Kite Template


Fish kite templates appear one of the most attractive of the templates, depending upon the design and color used to decorate the same. These kite templates can also be designed in watery background to give a realistic effect.

Creative Kite Template


There are many other creative kite templates such as sled kite, crap kite templates which are freely downloadable, printable and editable by designers to provide its own look and feel to it.

Beautiful Kite Template


Colorful Kite Template


Coloring Kite Template


Kite Template to Color


Awesome Kite Template to Color


Kite Coloring Page Template


Fantastic Kite Template


Kite Templates Which Are Easy to Make

Find the design that you like and download the relevant templates. You can download and use them in Word. Then, show your kids how to color them, encouraging them to come up with bright combinations of colors and creative designs. Let them experiment with different Christmas Tree Coloring Page Templates mediums to find the one that they like best. Make sure you help them cut out the samples, because you don’t want to leave them without adult supervision when they have scissors in their hands. Then, show them how they can glue the different pieces of the template together until it has formed a perfect paper kite, and attach ribbons and tissue paper where the bows of the kite would be.

Decorations to Make the Activity Even More Enjoyable

To complete the realistic effect, add the piece of string, wool or yarn to the paper kite to form the tail. Combine this enjoyable craft with other great activities with the help of cube templates or butterfly templates, both of which you can find right here, and which your kids are sure to adore. Their creative side will be engaged, and they will learn loads: who said learning can’t be fun?

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