The best thing about being employed is having a constant stream of income either twice a month or once a month. Pay day is one of those sought-after days of an employee’s entire existence. “The pay is in” is perhaps the most awaited words that just make employees shout for joy. Being able to get your pay on time with the correct digits on it is possible through the payroll system that your company or organization uses.

A payroll is referred to as a list of the employees that are working in a company. These employees get paid by the company depending on what pay day schedule the company follows. Although the word payroll refers to a list of employees, it is actually being used to refer to the salary or the total amount of money that the company or employer pays to their employees. The payroll department is a crucial part of a company as any mistake done by this department will cost the company a lot. It is just like how crucial your marketing plan and strategy is to your business. It’s also not easy to compute the salary of a lot of companies, especially those having more than a hundred.

Every company needs a payroll specialist to work on their payroll. Good thing payroll services can be outsourced. Being outsourced doesn’t mean that the services are unreliable. Many would think that since they are not a part of the company or it is a third-party tool, they would just not be worth it at all. Some also think that outsourcing payroll is expensive and risky. Outsourcing payroll is actually a good thing. To show you proof that they are, below are the benefits of outsourcing payroll.

  • Outsourcing payroll lets you save time. Payroll processing will take up so much time that doing it by hand for more than a hundred employees is almost close to impossible. By outsourcing, you can save so much time as they can do all the computations and other required stuff for you. You can use your time for other important things or tasks. You can focus on more productive activities, like selling or preparing orders, especially if you are running your own business.
  • Work with experts. You can choose from the various payroll experts. Keeping up with the changing payroll regulations and withholding tax rates and other government-mandated laws. Their service is not only available to big businesses but also to small businesses. You can feel at ease knowing that your payroll is being done by experts.
  • It helps you reduce unwanted costs. Working on number after number for what seems like an endless count of employees can be very daunting and the possibility of committing mistakes is high. You don’t want that in your payroll. A very little mistake will cost your company a lot and it’s likely more than the mistake you have committed. If you outsource your payroll, you can reduce the chances of committing any unwanted mistakes.
  • Keep confidential information safe. If you have someone to work on your payroll, you will have to provide them with access to all of the confidential and proprietary information of the company and all of the employees. For this reason you need someone who is reliable and trustworthy. One who wouldn’t do any fraudulent things and make any changes to the payroll just because they hate the employee on the list. With an outsourced payroll, you are sure to get only the best and reliable service.
  • Outsourcing payroll helps you avoid IRS penalties. IRS stands for Internal Revenue Service. It is the agency that does the tax collection for the entire United States of America. It is a serious matter if payments are done late or if there are any mistakes in filling the payment. The penalty for these kinds of mistakes or errors for small business can reach up to $845 per year. That is a huge amount. Imagine how much you can keep if you can avoid RS penalties.
  • You will be able to comply to government-mandated laws about payroll. Outsourcing payroll services are always updated with any changes related to payroll and taxes. It is a guarantee that you will be 100% compliant to government laws. It is because payroll firms know and understand how tax laws work and they are up to date with the new changes. They also take responsibility to any mistakes that they have encountered while working on fixing it.
  • You become free from headache and migraines. Manually doing your company’s payroll can cause you headache and migraines. The task is both draining and stressful at the same time. It is like inflicting too much pain on yourself until it is unbearable. By outsourcing payroll, you can definitely rid yourself of this self-inflicted pain.
  • You give employees what they want and that is direct deposit. Outsourcing payroll lets companies do direct deposit, which is difficult if a company does not use or have an outside payroll service. You don’t have to go to the bank yourself to make the deposit, which is convenient and time-saving.
  • You can avoid facing any technological advancement. To keep up with the changing government requirements and be able to comply to them, you will need to update your payroll system. That would be a hassle, time-consuming, and costly. If you outsource your payroll you won’t have to worry about catching up with this technological advancement as the payroll firm you have outsourced will do it for you.
  • No training needed. Hiring a new payroll accountant when the old one leaves takes time. You have to train them with the processes needed to have the payroll done. It would take some time before they are able to get used to it. So you have to work double time to be able to reach your deadlines. It’s too much work and there is also the fear of when your payroll accountant would leave and you would have to start over. If you outsource your payroll, you won’t have to worry about it.
  • You will worry less and have peace of mind. Having all the work done for you by a reliable and trustworthy outsourced payroll service can be a load off your shoulders. This way you can also concentrate on other important things than having to split your attention.


To help you further on understanding what a payroll is and how it looks like, view the free payroll samples that are available on our website. You may also download them for your own personal use or as reference.

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