Number template is another handy lesson plan for use of the teachers to make the learning procedure a wonderful experience and also the teaching procedure much simpler. These templates can be used in flashcards, puppets, coloring pages and felt boards. These number templates ,  Number Chart Templates are also used in mathematical worksheets for higher grade.

You can select a perfect template from numerous collections available in variety of format options like PSD, PDF, MS Word, Excel and many more. You can create and customize according to your requirement.

Number Templates

This is a simple number template counting from 1 to 20. With big font and easy-to-read layout, this number template is a big hit among teachers and students alike. It proves to be a very helpful template for nursery kids learning the formation of digits. There are many other uses that you can think of.

Number Card Template

These are number card templates from 1 to 100. Designed in the form of a card, each card contains 10 digits. There can be many uses of these number cards, from learning numbers to handing out number coupons. These can be extremely useful for kids learning number formation.

Number Templates doc

These are easy-to-use printable number line templates, each number line containing numbers from 0 to 10. Primary school children can easily use these number lines to learn skip numbers, addition, subtraction and multiplication. You can easily download this template and give something very educational to your kids.

Numbered Square Template

This numbered squares template is a fantastic colorful template that contains four numbers in each square block. Each block can be cut out to play a number game. The squares have been laid out like dominoes. Not only games, young children can also use them to learn number symbols and multiplications.

Simple Number Cards

Sample Number Template

Simple Number Templates

Printable Number Templates

1-1000 Number Templates

Example Number Templates

Why Do You Need a Number Template?

Number templates have huge application in coloring pages, flashcards, felt boards and puppets. They are also widely used by teachers for educational purpose. Having number cards in hands makes the learning and teaching process easier for both teachers and the students.

With these templates, creating your number cards becomes too easy a project, which anyone with just ten minutes can accomplish. These number cards are just as modern and stylish as the cards you buy from the stores, and no one will be able to judge that you created them yourself with your computer and the printer, unless you want to brag about it.

When Do You Need a Number Template?

These number templates are widely used by teachers to make the teaching process easier and faster. If you are teaching basic concepts of numbers to your students, then these number templates will definitely come to your help.

You may also use these templates to print number cards and scoring cards for number games. Print them on heavy cardstock to use them as stencils. You may like Prime Number Charts.

Benefits of a Number Template

These professionally designed number templates are ready to download and print out. If you wish, you may also customize them as per your personal choice of colors and style.

They look best if you print them out on cards, but you may also print and fold them on paper as per your requirements. Using these number templates is the best way to save money on your teaching and gaming material.

These number templates serve as great tools, as far as learning numbers and number games are concerned. They are 100% customizable, which means that you can redesign them as per your personal requirements and preferences. All you have to do is to download them, make the necessary changes, and print them out for your reference.

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