We all want to experiment when it comes to hair color. So, a hair color chart which will show which hair color matches with which skin tone and eyes will definitely come in handy for everyone. If you are in the business of hair styling and beauty, then a hair color, Star Chart is a bible for you.

Hair Color Chart to Download

hair color chart to download


This chart displays various shades of colors you can experiment with. Similar shades are clustered under a specific type which is divided into sub types according to the color tone, each of them are assigned with a unique number and listed in an organized manner

Hair Color Chart to Print

hair color chart to print


This is another simple template that enlists different shades of a various colors enlisted in a column with clear sample pictures. The print is very clear so that similar shades are distinctly identified. Each color type has been given a catchy name.

Downloadable Hair Color Chart

downloadable hair color chart


You can select the perfect shade on glancing through the colored hair samples featured on this template. Even the slightest variations have been attributed with a different name and a specific code giving you an array of choices within a color without getting confused.

Hair Color Sample Chart

hair color sample chart


This template presents the various hues of a shade possible within a sequence of tones from wonderful white to brilliant black. The hair samples help you single out the most suitable shade according to you skin tone and eye color.

Hair Color Chart Pdf

hair color chart pdf


Prorituals Hair Color Chart

prorituals hair color chart


Best Hair Color Chart

best hair color chart


Hair Color Chart Free Download

hair color chart free download


Hair Color Chart for Free

hair color chart for free


How To Use The Hair Color Chart Template?

Hair color chart templates are used to select a shade that will flaunt your new hairdo. Its use is simple, download the best template that satisfies all your doubts and print the page. The template is generally made on Microsoft Word or Excel sheets, so it is easy to operate. You can also see Business Organizational Charts

The high standard of print quality ensures that you are not dwindled between two nearly identical shades, because the slightest difference produces contrasting results. You can get the template printed on portrait or landscape versions according to your preference. Highlight the shades you have shortlisted for the final selection and on printing, single out the best for you.

Benefits Of Using The Hair Color Chart Template?

The VIBGYOR colors are not the only shades known today, each color has several hues and each hue has many more sub types. Each color has a bright, brighter or brightest and dark, darker and darkest variations. Not to forget the mixture of two or more colors evolving a new shade. In short choosing a single shade can be as difficult as selecting the best outfit for an event. Amidst this color crisis, having a MS Word or Excel compatible template,that gives all the possible shades with samples allotted a specific name in a tabulated version, for reference can be of immense help.

Who Can Use the Hair Color Chart Template?

If you are considering to color your hair with a shade that is in sync with you skin complexion and eyes, then best get a hair color template saved in your system or printed. Professional hair stylists can suggest customers to refer to such templates before coming up with a hair color choice. Beauty salons can get this printed on a magnified version and put it on display. If you are a do-it all-by myself person, then simply use this template to select the ideal shade that suits your taste. You can also see Spanish Alphabet Charts

Hair color chart templates are available in Word and Excel sheets and are available for high quality printouts for your beauty salon. Get your free sample of hair color chart here and give yourself a change from the monotonous hair color. Fooling around with your hair color and finding the best shade for you can be totally fun.

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