A Business Organizational Chart is one that is able to visually depict the internal structure of an organization or a company. In this form of charts, the employees are always represented using boxes whereas the elbowed lines link the levels together. These Chart Templates are also available in formats like PSD, PDF and Word.

A Business Organizational Chart can be used to easily depict the ranks of different people, their job roles and the various departments that make up the whole organization. Depending on your specific need, you may also opt for a less traditional chart or perhaps having a different format than usual.

Business Organizational Chart Template

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Small Business Organizational Chart Template

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Hierarchical Business Organizational Chart


This organizational chart template follows a structure based on hierarchy. This is the type of organizational chart used in most large organizations. This chart can be visualized as a pyramid, with the most powerful person in the organization taking the topmost position called the apex. This power position gets divided traveling downwards through the pyramid. The lowermost layer is called the base which contains people who have the lowest power in the organizational structure and have no subordinates.

Matrix Management  Business Organizational Chart


In an organization, in order to depict a group of several employees possessing similar skill sets who have come together to work on a project, the matrix organizational chart template can be used. In this kind of structure the managing power may reside with more than one person. These groups are generally known as cross business groups.

Flat Business Organizational Chart


This organizational chart template is used in small family businesses or startup type of businesses. In a flat organizational structure there exists no middle organization. A manager is placed at the top of the structure. The manager possesses most power here. Directly under the manager are assigned a large number of employees. These employees report directly to the manager who supervises all of them. Here the response time is very rapid as there is no middle organization to go through.

Business Organizational Chart Printable


Business Organizational Chart Template


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Business Organizational Chart Example


Sample Business Organizational Chart


Sample Business Organizational Chart


Free Business Organizational Chart Template


Family Business Organizational Chart


Why Do You Need A Business Organizational Chart?

A business organizational chart is the best way to recognize the type of organization. It also helps in visualizing the structure of the organization and to understand how much power a particular employee in the organization holds.

It is easy to understand through this chart which department requires more or less number of employees thus figuring out how to organize the manpower. A business organizational chart helps in realizing the professional relationships between the employees of the organization. You may like Company Organization Charts.

How To Draw A Business Organizational Chart?

The business organizational chart consists of employees and it depicts their professional relationship. The employees are depicted using rectangular boxes and their professional relationship is depicted using elbowed links.

These links hold the organizational structure together. This is the format used for any type of business organizational chart. You may like Blank Organizational Charts.

 Advantages Of A Business Organizational Chart

  • This chart helps in figuring out who is the reporting authority. Thus employees can understand where to go when an issue arises that needs to be resolved or queries that need to be answered. For large organizations, this is an important requirement due to the massive number of departments.
  • A business organizational chart can help newly hired employees find their way in the organization by informing them regarding their colleagues and who they’re required to report to.
  • Managing workload becomes easier as this chart will provide a clear description of who the managers are and how much workload each handles including the number of departments under them.
  • As the entire organization can be visualized in an accurate manner it becomes easier to plan and allocate various resources and understand the skillset of each individual.

Business organizational charts are the best models to help visualize an organizational structure and understand the professional relationships between the organization’s employees. To make the designing of the business organizational chart easier these business organizational charts have been created keeping every factor in mind. They have been made in an easily customizable and printable format. These templates are highly successful in creating detailed organizational charts that are easily understandable.

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