Comic strips are becoming an increasingly popular mode of storytelling. They are not just limited to tales of superheroes but are now being used to make serious and often complicated fiction, biographies or autobiographies too. Concentrating on both art and word content is not easy. Downloading these free and easy to use Comic Templates to help you work is a great idea.

Comic Strip Planning Sheet

This sample of comic strip planning sheet is basically a planning sheet where details regarding the scenes, characters, props and captions are given. The layout of this strip is pretty simple and the design consists of only 4 basic columns, meant for writing down the details beneath all the four subheads. At the end of the page various options regarding landscaping and using props are given below.

Comic Strip Lesson Plan

This sample of comic strip lesson plan has a detailed report of the entire lesson. It starts with the summary and objective of the lesson and proceeds to explain the instruction for creating a comic strip, followed by details of production, planning and presentation. There are some examples given at the end of the page along with comic characters for better understanding purposes.

Comic Strip Template With Speech Bubbles

Comic Strip Template with Speech Bubbles This sample of comic strip template with speech bubbles is a sample for comic strip template which can be used for demonstration purposes. The template lists down the lesson time, difficulty and subject followed by a list of materials required for execution. There is a detailed description of the procedure involved in creating a comic strip followed by an assessment sheet based on which the students can e scored about their understanding.

Comic Strip Template Pdf

Comic Strip Template Pdf This sample of comic strip template is available in PDF format which makes it a great template for printing purposes. In general this strip is quite plain and simple consisting of only a series of boxes in different proportions. The user can fill in the pictures and add comic strips directly into these boxes and get them printed.

Blank Comic Strip Template

Comic Strips for Kids

Comic Strip Example

How Can You Start Your Career As A Cartoonist?

Creating cartons is one of the most satisfying job in this world, as it helps to make people smile whenever they at your work of art. If you are serious about cartooning, then it is important that you start practicing your skill right from school. Latter after finishing your school you can join a school for professional cartoonist where you can learn about the technical aspect of cartooning. Learning to be observant and having a sense of humor is considered important for building a career as a cartoonist

How Much Do Cartoonists Earn?

The salary of a cartoonist or creator of comic strip varies based on his experience. The income is directly proportional to the number of paper in which his script appears. Small papers pay only 5-10$ per strip while the rates for bigger ones goes up to $20-25. If you want a little more income, you can venture our into other domains of publication like children books, web magazines, web comics and greetings cards.

What Materials Do I Need For Creating A Cartoon?

Creating a cartoon is all about imagination and not about equipments. World famous cartoonists still use the pen and pencil to create their master piece. There are many software’s which have come which gives a person the liberty to work on a laptop or PC, however, nothing beats the age old tools. If you are looking for ideas, a good place to start is the daily newspaper. Just flip through the paper or TV channels and the daily feeds would give you a lot of ideas to pen down into your paper.

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