If you’re wondering what your customers or clients think about you, there’s no better way to find out how than by using these free client satisfaction survey templates. These professional survey templates for word and excel can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of Customer Satisfaction survey, and can be used to measure customer perceptions about the brand and how well they deliver on critical areas and business dimensions.

Customer Service Survey Questionnaire Template

customer service survey questions


This one is a simple table made for conducting customer survey. The attributes entered can be modified with rows and columns required for filling questions and serial number respectively. Box icons can be added for relevant questions along with specific space allotted fir customer opinions.

Client Satisfaction Survey PDF Template

client satisfaction survey pdf


As the title suggest, this template can be used as a PDF file. The questions asked can be answered as options given alongside. Here, the options remain the same since they are number or rank, however, the questions can be changed according to the service being provided.

Community Client Satisfaction Survey Template

client satisfaction survey form


This page is simply a questionnaire presented to each customer after dealing with the company services or activities, in this case a community cooking program. The questions may vary from one event to another held by the same company. Answer options are offered as boxes to be filled.

Client Satisfaction Survey Template

sample client survey form


Services catered may vary from one client to another, this template with its colorful border and light background shade, is a table where only one column carrying the questions and space for comments needs to be edited whenever used. The remaining can be retained as they are numbers to be encircled to mark the service.

Example of Client Satisfaction Survey

example of client satisfaction survey


Client Satisfaction Survey to Print

client satisfaction survey to print


Customer Service Survey Template

customer service survey template


When to use a Client Satisfaction Survey Template?

Client survey is an important aspect for any company conscious to improve its standards. After serving client receiving feedback can be done easily if this template is used. When there is a need to ask same questions to different clients, this template is used to simply edit the clientele details. When service is to be surveyed in terms of a standard scale or legend, the template is employed to change questions and retain the box icons or numbers. This template is used when client’s comments are an additional index of Satisfaction Survey and special space needs to be allotted for the same.

How To Use Client Satisfaction Survey Template?

For making effective use of this template, jot down the questions and type of answers required for the survey, be it a dialogue box, or an icon to be selected or ticked, or simply numbers to be encircled as a measurement of the service. Following this, go through the various subtypes available and download the appropriate template. Enter the questions in corresponding rows or columns, provide space for customer suggestion, add details of the company conducting the survey and add relevant logos or icons, print it and circulate among clients.

Why To Use A Client Satisfaction Survey Template?

Client satisfaction is a reflection of the company’s efficient service delivery. To receive constructive suggestions, it is important to present a variety of questions covering a project.  While you can retain basic information like the company’s details and logo, the remaining content can be changed according to the demand of the survey. Be it a question with multiple answers, or a request to post comments or icon boxes to be selected indicating an answer, the template can make all this happen within no time. It is compatible with systems supporting MS Word and MS Excel. Creating these icons each time a survey is done can be laborious without a sense of satisfaction. Using this template prevents the manual work and allows you to customize the overall appearance of a questionnaire which is an equally important aspect evaluated by many clients.

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