To project your business to a potential decision making body, it is essential to have a business case template. By justifying the means and the ends, this can be a critical document that can make or break your career in the firm. With the help of these free templates you have the choice of being both thorough and professional. You can select any one of our Sample Business Templates and print or download through the convenient Word or Excel formats.

Features to look Out for in a Great Corporate Case Template

  •  A space to identify the needs of a company.
  • Statement of the company profile and the case profile to ensure the two are perfectly aligned, before presentation.
  • Template should be an example on how you can project the value-creation component of any commercial case.
  • It should take into account the future of your firm as well as the particular project.
  •  Should allow you to consider all the viable approaches for the case.
  • Why You Need Our Templates in Particular
  •  Being an essential part of your presentation, business requirement documentation such as these can provide take into account all your business necessities.
  • These prototypes give you extensive features like executive summary, operational plan, projected sales, analysis, resources, and an estimated time feature.
  • Ensures that you do not leave out any essential part of your case while coming up with the business plan.
  •  The premium look-and-feel ensures that you can effortlessly come across as intelligent, organized and professional.

Business Case Analysis

This sample of business case analysis consists of a very beautiful and professional framework. The topics contained in this sample includes executive summary, ways of achieving our objectives, protecting consumers, enhancing market integrity, building competitive markets, regulating consumer credit and an overview of the potential risks to our objectives. Each and every point is explained in details highlighting the important factors and points.

Business Case Sample

This sample of business case sample is a summary of full business case analysis. The various sections which are explained and discussed in details in this section includes factors like the financial case study, the benefit of the executive summary, consideration regarding future delivery program, investment program and maintenance program. All the various factors are explained using bar graphs and provides a detailed analysis of each media report and articles which is cited as reference.

Business Case Format

This sample of business case format is also a detailed analysis of all the factors which contribute to a proper business case analysis. The various factors which are taken into account consists of scope and aim of research, methodology, framework for evidence, strategic approaches and various factors related to the method of conducting the research.

Sample Business Case Template

This sample of business case template is a study of grid energy in India. The template starts by giving a realistic estimate of various opportunities in the renewable energy market, followed by the assessment of grid energy business model. Other topics covered in this template includes overview of decentralized renewable energy, policy environment and the case for private sector investment and recommendations to drive market growth.

Business Case Pdf

Business Case Template Download

Business Case Example

What Is A Business Case?

A business is generally regarded as an argument which is usually documented and presented with the intension of convincing a person to approve some kind of action. The main purpose of a business case is to articulate a clear path towards an attractive rate of investment. A typical business case requires careful and articulate presentation of facts and figures. It should carefully document the benefits and risks involved in taking a particular action.

What Are The Attributes Which Goes In Making A Well Crafted Business Plan?

Writing a business plan is not an easy task. It requires careful documentation and planning. In the preface section, a business plan should consist of the basic information of the company, including the name, address and contact numbers. The second section should have an executive summary where you can detail the value for proposition and detail the various aspects of your product and services. Next in line comes market opportunity, where you can get a realistic idea about how you intend to place your products and who shall be your target audience. The final section should be dedicated to industry analysis and how you intend to fight competition. You can also see Test Case Templates.

What Are The Various Uses Of A Business Case Template?

Creating a business plan has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It helps a person to have a careful and comprehensive view about the business which might as well raise some important questions and offer solutions. A business case plan is aimed to teach you a lot about your business, new opportunities which can help an organization to grow.

Creating a business plan is regarded as one of the founding pillars of provides the company with a working plan which would play a key role in ensuring the success of the company. All the samples of templates given above are written to provide an overall idea about the process of creating a template. You can download them to suit your requirement or change them to suit your need.You can also see Sample Use Case Templates.

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