It is just amazing how technology has made life easier for everyone of us. The Simple budget template is a paper technology, which feature the merits of cost effectiveness and time efficiency, built to help you get your budget done without ever having to worry about what to note your budget on. The pain of creating an own design from the ground up is time spent.

Personal Budget Template

Personal Budget Templates as the name suggests these templates have a bunch of broad categories like, income, home expenses, transportation, health costs, bills, entertainment, shopping, daily living. All of the broader categories are sub-divided into small ones like mortgage, rental insurance, electricity, gas, water, phone, cable/satellite, internet, maintenance, improvements under home expenses.

Budget Templates in Excel

Most templates are available in excel sheets. Budget Templates on Excel sheets are easier to manage as the addition and deletion of categories like income, housing, living costs, bills, outings all and everything can be listed easily. With insert function you can easily manage calculations and find out the loopholes in your budget, if any.

Home Budget Template

A Home Budget Template has all the expenses that go into maintaining a home. This has  a broad range of ranks like house improvements, bill payments, housing, which are further divided into repairs, renovations, mortgage, IRA, clothing, fooding, education and more. There is also the income section and probable estimation with actual expenses and differences.

Wedding Budget Template

Simplistic Wedding Budget Templates have fewer categories of expenditure like apparels, ceremony, flowers and rehearsal dinner while more detailed ones consist of rings, wedding parties, stationery, reception, entertainment, photography and more. All of these templates have sub-levels under each broad category like for rings sub-levels are the engagement ring, bride’s ring and groom’s ring.

Bi-Weekly Budget Template

Bi-Weekly Budget Templates have two different slots for week 1 and week 2. Both these slots have income statements as a broad category to enlist all extra modes of income in them. Some common categories that both these slots share are bills, mortgage, gas, groceries, health care, IRA, and credit cards.

Business Budget Template

The simplest form of a Business Budget Template would consist of an income section and an expense section. Under the income section the non-operating income, interest income, rental income etc. are listed. Under the expense section advertising, operation expense, depredation, research and development, maintenance and repairs, dues and subscriptions etc. are listed.

Household Budget Template

A Household Budget Template includes housing, health care, shopping, obligations, business expenses, education costs, pets, entertainment, salary, incidentals, and children, eating out, charity, media, house care, mortgage, bill payments, vacation and more.  All of these can be further divided into sub-categories and columns for planned and actual expenditure with the difference in a separate column.

Monthly Budget Templates

Monthly Budget Templates comprise of categories like monthly income, living and health costs, transportation, utilities, debts, taxes, insurance, housing, bill payments, savings and more. All of these categories have sub-categories with distinct slots for entry of costs. You can add and customize sub-categories and categories as required.

Budget Tracking Template

A Budget Tracking Template consists of a budget section for every category, a spent section for every category and a remaining section. For each broad category like housing, maintenance all three of these slots are there. Some may contain an estimated section along with actual expense and difference section for each category.

Family Budget Template

A Family Budget Template includes all household expenditure and incomes in a family. This can include education costs, health care, entertainment, housing, living costs, pets, maintenance, renovation, improvements, outings and more. Every single household expenses like shopping for clothes and groceries, car maintenance, soccer lesson fees are included in this template.

Simple Budget Template

Simple Budget Templates generally consist of few broad categories with sub-categories. Mostly such templates whether for business or personal use have an income column, an expenditure column. Monthly income is stated along with extra income under the income category. The expense category consists of media, bills, housing, health care, living costs, etc. which are not further subdivided.

You spend more time creating a template of your own than you ever will creating a list of the items you wish to purchase.There is no need creating an outline on your own. There are many sample personal budget templates free for download online that you can use. The printable templates are available free for download.

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