Making a weekly budget is a good way of ensuring your financial stability. A weekly budget generally entails planning for the expenses you may incur and the incomes you expect for the coming week.

Why a weekly budget is important

It helps you manage the expenses on a more flexible level. With a weekly budget, it’s easier to change and update emerging issues such as extra incomes or unexpected costs.

The budget helps you control what you are making or earning. This is done by limiting your expenditure to the level of income and making provisions for savings.


A weekly budget is used to;

  • Make unexpected changes. It’s easier to change a weekly budget than a yearly budget.
  • Get everyone on board. When you start following a budget either at home in business, not everyone gets on board and the only way to get them is to start small, with time you can upgrade from a weekly to monthly budget.
  • To train yourself. Sticking to the budget is not very easy. By starting with a weekly budget, you can train yourself to follow it and if it you are able to stick to it, then you can advance to a Monthly Budget.

You can use a week’s budget with the apps providec to make your yearly projections. It may be hard to maintain and stick to the budget since there are emerging issues that may you spend on that you had not budgeted. With this in mind a weekly budget enables you to be a flexible.

Bi Weekly Budget Excel Spreadsheet

Bi Weekly Budget Planner

Bi Weekly Budget Calculator

Bi Weekly Household Budget

Bi Monthly Budget

Bi Weekly Budget Template

Simple Weekly Budget

Bi Weekly Budget Printable

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