An assessment is an act of evaluating or analyzing something or someone for the purpose of determining its nature, quality, or ability, value, etc. A formative assessment is an important process in teaching and learning. This type of assessment provides feedback in order to improve the quality or performance of an individual.

There are various types of assessments that can be used. For example, a summative assessment is also one type of assessment that is used to measure someone’s achievements. You can choose from the different types of assessment samples that are available for download on this page to help you create one.

What Is a Value Judgment?

A value judgment is a type of assessment or judgment used to examine an individual, thing, or event in order to determine whether it is good or bad based on a particular standard or set values or beliefs. A value judgment is based on an individual’s subjective opinion and not necessarily based on evidence or facts.

When Should You Use the Types of Assessments?

Assessments can vary depending on where and how it is used. It is important to understand how each type of assessment functions. Here are the common types of assessments and when they can be used.

  • Formative Assessment – A formative assessment is a type of assessment that is commonly used by teachers to help their students improve their skills or gain more knowledge.
  • Summative Assessment – a summative assessment is used to outline an individual’s skills, learnings, and achievements based on the assessment that is done.
  • Diagnostic Assessment – a diagnostic assessment is a type of assessment wherein an individual’s skills, knowledge, etc., are assessed to be able to understand his/her capabilities.


Army risk assessment samples and job self-assessment templates are also available on this site should you need them specifically.

Purpose and Uses of Assessments

Assessment is an important process in order to determine whether an individual meets the goals or set standards. Performing an assessment is especially important in education or in business. Through an assessment, individuals will be able to improve on certain aspects such as their skills, knowledge, etc. Many different types of assessment can be used depending on its purpose. For example, a health risk assessment is used to determine the risks that may affect a person’s health and also their quality of life. The uses of an assessment are as follows:

  • An assessment is useful in education, specifically in teaching and learning since it allows both the student and the teacher to improve, which will benefit both parties.
  • Through an assessment, teachers will be able to determine the needs of the student, which will allow them to develop methods to effectively educate each student.
  • An assessment also allows teachers to track or monitor a student’s progress and determine what he/she has achieved.
  • It encourages both parties to perform based on certain standards in order to achieve the goals that have been set.


Additionally, a self-care assessment is also available for download on this page should you need that type specifically.

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