Property value is something that gradually increases over time. Especially for properties that have a good potential for businesses. Maybe located right in the middle of the city’s commercial district, or just has a significant demand in the area. There can be so much potential for properties that are found in such locations. The best thing a landlord or a property owner can do is to take advantage of that demand and establish a profitable business in the area. A restaurant perhaps. Because that’s simply how business works, how well can you take advantage of a demand in the area. Most especially nowadays where comfort and delicious food is being more of a need than a necessity.

However, the demand might just be entirely different from the products and services that you normally offer. In this case, the second best thing the property owner can do is leasing the property to prospective clients. In such setting, they can establish whatever restaurant venture that they want, while you will still receive revenue from the rental payments every term. If you are planning to lease your property, you will  need something that helps make sure both you and your client is on the same page with all the provisions of the agreement. A restaurant lease proposal.

Just like any other proposal documents out there in the corporate world, the document doesn’t actually propose anything to your client, but rather used as a reply to when the client asks for the terms and conditions of the lease. As a property owner yourself, you should be more than able to provide your client with a well written lease proposal to also be able to protect yourself and the actual property itself. Aside from being a working document between you and your prospect, it also protects you when both entities ever come across a legal issue. The document, with its contents serving as a proposal, agreement, and contract all at the same time, will give you a significant advantage in the court of law. The lease proposal makes sure that whatever your tenant may be doing on the premises of your property, is well within the parameters and conditions that the both of you has agreed to.

There have been some pretty scary cases where landlords have been cheated away from their own properties just because they lack the sufficient documents to help defend themselves. So the document just basically saves you from a lot of trouble and from losing a lot more money. So to make sure that the document that you will be writing is well drafted, first check out these restaurant lease proposal samples that we have listed down below.  Once you’ve acquainted yourself with the document, familiarized yourself with what it looks like and how it works, feel free to use these samples as guides or even as templates for your own restaurant lease proposal.

3+ Restaurant Lease Proposal Samples

1. Restaurant Lease Proposal

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2. Sample Restaurant Lease Proposal

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3. Simple Restaurant Lease Proposal

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4. Restaurant Lease Proposal Example

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What Is a Restaurant Lease Proposal?

A lease proposal is a document that landlords or property owners use to reply to a prospect’s inquiries regarding the terms and conditions or certain provisions of the lease that they are planning to take into account. The document outlines the property that is being considered by the clients and the conditions that the landlord requires from its prospective tenants. It lets various clients to review proposals from multiple properties and compare to see which terms and conditions fit them best.  On the other hand, property owners have a bit of freedom in drafting their proposal since it just essentially talks about their own property. The document is a largely valuable tool for landlords who want to make sure that their clients are reliable and trustworthy enough not to cause any trouble and damages on and the property itself. Lease proposals are just a tad bit difficult to handle than rental proposals due to the nature of the agreement. Rental proposals typically last for only about 1-2 months, while leases last for at least more than a year. Making the agreement a lot more complicated to terminate.

How to Write a Restaurant Lease Proposal

A lease proposal has to be able to cover multiple provisions to make sure that it does its job of protecting you and your property. That is why it is common for landlords and property owners to have their own legal advisors or attorneys draft the document for them to cover every aspect of the lease. More provisions may be included, depending on the nature of your property and/or the nature of the restaurant that will be established in your property. Regardless of the document’s shape and size, it has to be able to cover every legal aspect of the agreement.

1. Title

Your document should have a proper title of “Lease Proposal”. It should also specify the property number or the solicitation number that has been provided in the listing. Include the date of when the listing took place.

2. Address

You should be able to describe that your property is located. Include the name of the building, its physical address, city, state, and the ZIP code. Provide specific descriptions of the building if you are unable to provide the exact details.

3. Details

Provide specific details of the space that is going to be up for lease. Include a description of the floor plan, the total measurements of the area, and the rate per square foot. These should provide details of how the rate is broken down to arrive to the payment that has been set.

4. Fees

Calculate the rental fee per term using the measurements that have been recorded for the previous section and break it down for your client. It would also be better if you can show and explain how you’ve arrived to the certain amount.

5. Additional information

You should also be able to highlight the additional points of your property such as parking and storage space, also the available parking space per person in the unit. Some states may have different parking fees in different properties s o be sure to include those details as well.

6. Renewal options

State the possible differences between the initial lease proposal and the renewal of the agreement. Specify if you would like to increase the rent in every term, of if you’d like to switch from a yearly term to a month-to-month arrangement.

7. Signatures

Provide spaces at the bottom of your document where both the landlord and the client can sign the proposal for binding.


How long is a lease good for?

Leases last for at least a year, and it is also pretty normal for lease to last for far longer than that.

What is the difference between a lease and a rent?

A lease and a rent differs on the period of time that the both agreements cover. A rental agreement lasts of only a relatively short term, about 1-2 months. While leases last for at least 12 months and even more.

Is a lease proposal binding?

Having both parties sign to a lease proposal results in a binding agreement, regardless is one of them do not agree to the terms of the lease.

Leasing your property to clients or tenants can have its own fair share of risks. We’ve covered how important a lease proposal is for this agreement, and with the help of the templates that we’ve provided and the tips that we’ve given, you should be more than ready to write a well written restaurant lease proposal.

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