Being in an intimate relationship with someone takes a lot of work just to maintain it. Oftentimes, relationships crumble due to poor communication and difficulty in opening up and being honest with each other. One way to ensure that a relationship will work is by making a relationship contact. It is a document where couples write the terms of what they expect and what to do in their relationship and vow to make it work. It is a catalyst to encourage couples to be completely honest with each other without holding back emotions or thoughts they have with one another. If you and your partner are interested in making one but you’re not sure how this article is for you. Read the article to know how to make a relationship contract agreement.

4+ Relationship Contract Agreement Samples

1. Relationship Contract Agreement Template

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2. Client Relationship Contract Agreement

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3. Strategic Relationship Contract Agreement

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4. Client Services Relationship Contract Agreement

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5. Consensual Relationship Contract Agreement

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The Benefits Of Having A Relationship Contract

Having a relationship contract may be odd for some couples to have but it has one can bring lots of benefits to the quality of your relationship.

1. It Promotes Honesty

Having a relationship contract helps you to be completely transparent and honest about what is important to you in your relationship and this will avoid any resentments, frustrations, and fights you might have since you’ll both get to say your concerns regarding each other.

2. Awareness of Each Other Needs

Not only do you get to be honest, but you also get to know their needs as a person and this will help you know them even better.

3. It Helps Improve Your Communication With Each Other

Communication is the first step to being transparent and honest with your partner and also one way to find out their needs as well. Having a contract prods you to communicate well with each other and be explicit about your concerns and desires with your relationship. By having good communication, you can easily mutually agree with the terms you put in your contract.

4. It Helps Clear Out Your Intentions

Having a contract can help you define each of your intentions with each other especially in different areas of your life and the values and priorities you have. The contract will also clarify your intentions and expectations in the relationship as well.

How to Create a Relationship Contract Agreement

1. Make an Introduction

Start by putting a title to your contract. It’s up to you on how you want your contract to be called. Write down your name and your partner’s name and the date when the agreement will take start to take effect and when it will end (it’s up to you on how you want to format this part).

2. List the Items You Agree to Do

This is where you will put all the terms you and your partner have given each other to agree and to do. It’s up to you to decide on the number of categories you and your partner can include in the contract. However, if you’re not sure what to put down, here are some common items that relationship contracts include:

  • Date nights: When and how often they will happen, what they consist of, who plans the date, etc.
  • Responsibility of each partner: How each partner will take responsibility for themselves regarding their health, happiness, emotional growth, and personal development.
  • Independence vs. intimacy: How each partner can balance being present for their partner and having alone time or spending time with people outside of your relationship.
  • Dealing with disagreements: How you two can talk and work out any complications in your life and avoiding to threatening the relationship.
  • Household chores: Divide amongst yourselves who is responsible to do the housework and how often you should do it.
  • Special days: Decide on how you two will celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or any other major milestones.
  • Agreement on secrets: Make a pact that you will not withdraw any important information from your partner.

3. Sign the Contract

Agree by signing your names on the signature lines and include the date of when you signed it as well.


What are the consequences of breaking the relationship contract rules?

When you break a rule or to in your relationship contract, make sure to make up for it to diffuse the damage or issue regarding the situation. You are expected to commit mistakes since you’re only human, so make sure to discuss this with your partner and agree to be more considerate with each other.

What are the pillars of a relationship?

The pillars of love are love, trust, acknowledgment, and independence.

Is a relationship contract legally binding?

Since a relationship contract is not similar to a traditional prenup, this type of contract is not legally binding and this is used to help maintain the relationship between two people.

Relationships change over time and whatever you agreed in your contract may change too, so it is best recommended to revisit and update your contract at least a couple of times a year. This will allow you to openly communicate with each other and raise your concerns over the agreement. This is essential to keep your relationship strong and intact. To help you get started creating a relationship contract download our free sample templates above to use as your guide!

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