The artist management contract or agreement is a document between an artist and a manager for management services Agreement. They are written to describe information about the task to be undertaken and the expected outcomes. Formal agreements give both parties a clear and precise point of reference as to their individual duties and responsibilities. Check out the various artist management agreement sample templates and choose the one that would be beneficial for you and suits your purpose.

Contracts should authenticate the particular information of the content of an exhibition such as:

  • name and address of the borrowing company and lender
  • information of the work to be borrowed or in lent
  • insurance and transport preparation
  • condition reporting methods to be undertaken
  • time frame
  • problem resolution
  • force predetermination
  • copyright and record of agreements
  • and payment timetable on delivery of work

Music Manager Contract Principles

There are a few principles to keep in mind about music manager contracts.

  • It Doesn’t Have to be Complex: 

Skip the flowery talk, and note down a simple document that wraps money, the division of labor, and the length of the agreement.

  • It Should be Mutually Advantageous: 

Even though your manager has been at this longer than you are, do not sign it for your entire life for a break at their expertise. A manager should believe in you and wouldn’t expect you to do so.

  • It Should be Signed in Good Belief: 

If you’re looking for clauses before you sign, or your manager is, there is an issue and a problem.

Who is the Manager?

A personal manager commonly cited as the artist’s manager is one of the most essential individuals in an artist’s profession. Managers control all of a musician’s day-to-day activities, including booking hotels, providing transportation to and from live performances and look, booking various sessions and all the other personal business that an artist doesn’t have time to handle on their own. In addition, a manager acts as a safeguard between the artist and other parties, including the press, document label, and endorsement requeters. They also help in many other features of a musician’s life such as handling the artist’s tour, giving advises on merchandise design, licensing, songwriting and anything else related to the artist’s entertainment profession.

Few Analysis of Sample Management Contract

1. Term

Most management agreements vary from two to three years, with choices to expand, commonly belonging to the manager. It is in the artist’s will to acquire a shorter term, while the manager’s motive is to lock in the artist for as long as possible. Alternatives might concern whether the contract terminates automatically or only on timely notice from the artist.

2. Manager’s Duties

Most management contracts simply shape that a manager is obliged to advise, guide and direct an artist’s profession during the term. To elaborate on how hard the manager has to work, the contract may consist of language such as best or reasonable efforts.

3. Exclusivity

Most agreements will need that the manager is dedicated to the artist, which means that the artist may not hire anyone else to assign the same services as the manager.

4. Set Performance Conditions

Anyway, a basic compromise when deciding the length of the term is for the agreement to perish if a particular performance level is not achieved within a set time limit.

5. Compensation

Most management agreements reward the manager a percentage of gross income that an artist earns from any activities in the entertainment industry. It’s crucial for the artist to specifically define what is and what isn’t included as part of gross income, as well as insist that monies paid to the artist, or on the artist’s behalf, for recording costs, touring expenses and other business expenses are not included in gross income.

3+ Artist Management Agreement Samples in PDF | DOC

1. Artist Management Agreement Sample

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 1.4 MB


If you want to make a living out of music then you should definitely refer to this sample. Not only this, you will get to know all about the agreement between the artist and the manager for management services. It also comprises the scope of representation, terms of authority, rights and compensation, as well as other necessary sections. Make the file all yours and go through it if it seems to be important for you. Check the music contract for more details.

2. Artist Management Agreement Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 96.9 KB


Are you searching for an artist management agreement contract? You can check this template for your reference as it contains guidelines, rules, and regulations that you can read and follow to create one for yourself. To make your task hassle-free download the template now.

3. Artist Management Agreements Example

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 821.4 KB


Basically the terms and conditions are found in a standard artist management agreement. To make it perfect you need to input the elements like introduction, scope, term, commissions, expenses, power of attorney, group provisions, key man and so on. The agreement between the artist and the manager has to be mutually agreed upon. Check out the PDF file provided to make your work easy.

4. Artist Management Agreements in PDF

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 79.2 KB


If you are a manager and would like to hire an artist for a long term basis, you need to give him the contract to which the latter needs to sign and agree. An example of a long term artist management agreement with explanatory notes has been provided here for your guidance and assistance. You might want to look at it to make your task effortless and time managing.

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