An agenda is a written document that lists or outlines tasks that are needed to be done or considered. In business, writing an effective meeting agenda is important to be able to have an effective meeting where everyone is prepared. A meeting agenda allows participants to prepare for the meeting.

Having an agenda when you plan a meeting is important to be able to accomplish certain tasks and be able to discuss important matters. If you need references to help you create one, the samples and information that you will find below will be useful to you when creating one.

How to Develop an Effective Meeting Agenda

Understanding how to develop an effective meeting agenda is necessary if you want to have a successful meeting. The steps in developing one are as follows:

  • Identify the participants of the meeting. If you need help in planning the agenda, you can ask for assistance from the individuals involved in the meeting.
  • Determine the goals and tasks that you need to accomplish in the meeting.
  • Specify the time allotted for each topic that will be discussed in the meeting.
  • Decide the location where the meeting will take place.


The agenda samples and conference agenda templates available on this page will be useful to you.

Components of an Agenda

Here are the components that need to be present in an agenda:

  • Type of meeting – since there are various types of meetings in business, it is important to indicate the type of meeting that will be done.
  • Date – specify the date when the meeting will happen.
  • Start and end time – clearly state when the meeting will start and when it will end.
  • Location – include the location of the meeting.
  • Significant roles – this section specifies the important roles of the meeting.
  • Topics – specify the topics that will be discussed during the meeting.

How to Create an Agenda

When you are planning a meeting, knowing how to write an agenda is the first step. The steps in creating one are as follows:

  • To make it easier to create one, download from our meeting agenda samples to help you.
  • Start your document by writing a title.
  • Write the date, time, and location of the meeting.
  • State the objectives and the purpose of the meeting that will be conducted. Write an outline of the important elements of the meeting and allocate the time for each topic that will be discussed.

What Is the Importance of an Agenda?

An agenda allows you to carefully plan out the tasks, activities, and other events in order when having a meeting. It is important especially in company meetings since time is clearly allocated to avoid having unnecessary discussions. An agenda ensures that everyone is prepared and on the same page during the meeting. This will also help you conduct a productive and effective meeting for your company ensuring all the tasks and topics have been covered in the meeting.

Additionally, printable agenda templates and sample agenda templates are available on this page should you need them to outline your document.

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