A Ten Frame template is one of the known templates created for learning to the children. This type of template is used by the teachers or educational institutions to teach their students. A ten frame template contains different colors that will catch the attention of the students. But the main purpose of having a ten frame is, it helps the child learns the basic counting, math formula such as addition, number value and the kind of numbers that we have such as odd and even numbers. The said ten frame is used to study and understand the numbers which provide different patterns and styles.

Now that we have Time Table Templates, it is easier for an individual to make use of it. Such templates can be utilize and apply in school classroom or even for self learning. Thus, creating a more convenient and time saving for all. In addition to this, templates can be customize as to one’s needs and preferences and therefore anyone can create or just modify the ten frame template available in the website.

Double Ten Frame Template


The double ten frame template as the name suggests provide double ten frames which make it much easier for teachers to make the students understand different mathematical concepts. This template can easily be downloaded from the internet and printed for use.

Ten Frame Template Free


The ten frame template free provides the free space in it. These can be used to make students understand any concept related to numbers. This template provides the mat of ten frames which is available on the internet and can be downloaded easily for use.

Ten Frame Template Printable


The ten frame template printable provides ten blank frames. This template is ready to print and use. It can easily be downloaded from the internet. As the frames are blank, they can be used for several concepts by teachers.

Ten Frame Template with Dots


The ten frame template with dots makes it easy for the students to understand the mathematical concepts with the help of dots. The dots make the counting easy and also a clear presentation which will make the concept learning faster. This template can easily be downloaded.

Small Ten Frame Template


Ten Frame Activities


Why Does A Teacher Need a Sample Ten Frame Templates?

The sample ten frame templates are very useful for teachers as they help them in making the mathematical concepts understandable for the students. Also, the colorfulness of the templates grabs their attention and makes them focused to the topic.

It includes blank, printable and double ten frame templates along with four more which provides you with enough options to choose from according to the requirement of the concept. These also prove to be a great tool for helping students to relate numbers with other concepts like smaller number, greater number, ascending and descending order, quantity and more.

When Does A Teacher Need a Sample Ten Frame Template?

The sample ten frame templates are used by teachers specially mathematics teachers. These templates are used for children to make them understand the basic concepts of mathematics in an easy and effective way. With the help of these templates, students stay focused as it captures their interest with its attractiveness and colorfulness.

There are many designs of templates available in the sample ten frame template so as to suit the need of the teacher for explaining the concept in a best possible way. These provide the basic frame for teachers to work upon and get the best outcome.

Benefits of Sample Ten Frame Template

The sample ten frame templates have several benefits. It helps teachers to make the learning process effective and interesting with the help of these templates. This makes the learning of basic concepts of mathematics easy which are required to be taught to children in their growing age.

Learning takes place in a better when there are teaching aids present; the sample ten frame template does that being a visual teaching aid. Also, the teacher can choose any out of different ten frame templates which suits her needs.

The sample ten frame templates are must for teachers who are aiming to build up the strong knowledge of basic mathematical concepts for growing children. Concepts like number quantities, type of number, value system, ascending- descending order, addition, subtraction and many more can easily be taught with the help of these templates. These make the learning and teaching process effortless and effective.

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