While searching out for student survey templates, always keep an eye on the purpose of the communication that you are making. Most of these Blank Survey Templates also work as a reminder for the students as well. Grab a survey template that serves both the purposes well. You can search out for many templates that are available in word, excel and PDF.

Make sure that you are incorporating some sets of the questions that have this variety of the questions present in the survey template. It is wise to keep them close ended if you wish to deduct a meaningful data. It should have pictures and neat formatting to attract the fancy of the students as well.

Sample Student Survey

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Student Survey Questions


Sample Student Survey Template


Student Survey of Teacher


Middle School Student Survey


Student Survey Pdf


Student Safety Survey


Sample Student Survey Questions


Elementary Student Survey Free PDF


Templates in Various Categories

The templates covering the various categories of questions are:

1. Education Demographics Template: There are some basic demographic questions which have questions based on gender, income, race, relationship to student and lot more.

2. Parent Engagement Template: These templates help in understanding how parents intermingle with teachers and other parents about the working of the school.

3. Learning Support Template: This is meant for knowing the contribution of the parents in their child’s study.

4. Parent Self-Efficacy Template: These templates are meant for knowing how much the parents are capable in helping their children at home.

5. Child’s Behavior Template: These questions focus on how child behave at home and in schools. Here the particular reason behind a child’s behavior is identified.

6. Social Support Template: These help the teachers as well as the parents to identify the social traits of the children.

How to Use the Student Survey Templates?

The student survey samples are very useful as they can be effectively employed to start conversations with the students and their parents. The survey can be either customized or the templates can be used. Only those questions should be asked which are safe in terms of internet use.

Parental involvement is a great topic to discuss upon. Questions like how well they contribute to the education of their children and how much time do they devote in their education are something which should be stressed upon. The idea of the parents and the students about the general environment of the school or the college should also be gauged as this is highly important for redefining the standards of the institution.

The Advantages and the Disadvantages

Student survey templates are meant to conduct online surveys. These surveys on the other hand are meant for asking questions to the students so that a better learning environment is created. In these cases the anonymity of the students is preserved as the teachers cannot identify the handwriting. But, often online surveys have lower response rates as people do not want to respond until and unless there is a special urge for doing the same.

The Purposes of Student Survey Templates in General

An educational system comprises many groups who successfully work together to create a wonderful academic environment. Here, the students, the teachers, the parents and the school management have to work in co-ordination to create a conducive atmosphere for learning.

The common way by which the administrators can understand whether their administration is running smoothly or not, is to conduct a survey which is nothing but an efficient feedback survey. This is nothing but ways of understanding whether things are going well as it should be.

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