Purchase of any property for example land, houses, apartments, etc. cannot be possible without a real estate Purchase Agreement. This agreement contains all the details regarding the buyer and seller, the property that is sold, brokers and brokerage if applicable, etc. From legal point of view, it is the most important document in this case as change of owners take place.

Real estate has always been a costly affair, so any loopholes or lapses in the agreement can result into heavy loss for any of the parties. Download any of our samples of real estate agreements for free and make your deal hassle free. These templates work in all formats.

Real Estate Purchase Agreement

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Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement


This real estate purchase and sale agreement starts with the requirement of names of the buyer and the seller and then the full property address or description. The agreement further requires the details of the purchase price, earnest money, closing and possession date, items included in the deal and details describing closing cost, taxes, home protection plans, special stipulations, loan contingencies and other elaborate information of the rules and rights. At the end, it requires the date and signature of the buyer and seller for authenticity purpose.

Simple Real Estate Purchase Contract Template


The agreement in discussion now starts with the penning down of the names of the purchaser and the seller followed, by the name of the city, state and country with the legal description upon following the terms and conditions mentioned further.

These include purchase price and condition of payment, earnest money deposit, tax assessment details, the title of the property, possession of the property, improvements made and its cost and certain detailed general conditions of the agreement and closes with the declaration and signatures of the seller and buyer to legalize the overall contract.

Land Purchase Agreement


The next agreement that we see is for the standard land purchase which begins with mentioning the date of the agreement formation. It further asks for the names of the two parties (buyer and seller), elaborate description of the premises in transaction and purchase price of the land in fragments and details.

The later part includes important descriptions of time, escrow, title, insurance, certifications, the condition of premises, declaration of acceptance of the deed, acknowledgment of fee due broker and other rules with the signatures of parties and a witness or spouse’s signature at the end required for legalization.

This simple yet effective agreement is regarded in transaction of residential land and it requires written details of the name of the parties, description of property in detailed points, transaction details, closing agreements, insurance of the land additional terms that require being added.

Conditions of the buyer and conditions of the seller along with remedy disputes and definitions of certain terms of deed, finally it contains the address of the buyer and seller along with their phone numbers, fax details also the names and signatures of their lawyers and witnesses and their details with date of registration for verified process.

Free Real Estate Purchase Agreement Template


Real Estate Contract Template


Real Estate Sales Contract


Print Real Estate Purchase Agreement Template


Real Estate Purchase Agreement Template


How to Write Real Estate Purchase Agreement Templates

The Sample Real Estate Purchase Agreements play a major role as proof and record of large some of the financial transactions. These agreements have the following features namely. They must contain the name of both the parties along with their entire address, contact details and fax details for the verification process and legalization of the transaction. The date of the transaction and signing of the agreement must be mentioned to track the process of purchase. You can also see

The details regarding the description of the estate along with other items included in the deal must be mentioned to avoid misconceptions. The exact price and detail about billing and payment must be entered in the document for justification. The signatures of the parties, lawyers and witnesses must be present along with an elaborate explanation of the terms and conditions and other fees.

Advantages of Real Estate Purchase Agreements

The Real Estate Purchase Agreements ensures the all the collection made before the last date. The agreement includes the process of inspection and authentication of the property. If these verifications come back with information explaining that the seller owes back taxes on the property, the government may have attached a lien against the title and eliminate all chances of the sale. This avoids fraud towards the buyer.

  • The purchase and sales agreement ensures final walkthroughs of the entire property sale on the end date. This determines that there have been no issues in inspection since the beginning.

Where Can Real Estate Purchase Agreements be Used?

The real estate purchase agreements pretty much speak for it in the fact that it represents the agreement between two parties whiles the transaction of real estate. This real estate can be in the form of plain land, house, flats, hotels, buildings, and agriculture areas. You can also see Business Purchase Agreements

What must be kept in mind is that along with the specifications of the area under the transaction, one must also mention the items that come included in the deal and the estate. One has to be specific because you cannot sell a house and exclude the windows or doors, and if the case is so, it must be mentioned clearly and brought to the consent of the buyer.

The real estate purchase agreements are important for the safety of one’s property and to maintain records in the legal aspects. This may consist of many long descriptions but every part is important in order to avoid fraud. It secures a person and act as proof of property payment.

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