A joint venture agreement is established when two or more companies want to start working together for a common goal and it states all the legal rights of each of the companies that are working together to assure no legal issues in the long run. You can choose from our huge collections of joint venture Rental Agreement Templates that are professionally designed with all the basic and mandatory requirements.

Restaurant Joint Venture Sample Agreement Template

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Construction Joint Venture Agreement Template


Joint ventures are very common in construction sector. In this template you will find all points that needed to be covered by the agreement. This is an agreement template between two parties who decided to work together after understanding all legal and factual aspects of the project.

Just download our free templates, samples, examples designed in a proper format and fill up the details like business purpose, governance structure, operational rules for function and the conditions on which the agreement would terminate and of course, do not forget to keep a copy signed by each of the parties involved.

Limited Partnership Agreement Template


This is another joint venture agreement template applicable for limited partnership. In this template, details of the participating parties or companies have to be mentioned along with the purpose of the partnership and principal place of the business. This also includes the conditions that both the parties agreed to obey in the event of profit and loss.

Partnership Agreement Template


This partnership agreement template is structurally very simple. This is again a template of agreement between two parties. In this template, two parties agree upon the terms and conditions of the partnership. It gives a fair idea on how the profit will be divided among the partners. Both the parties should sign two copies of the agreement as each party requires a copy to resolve any future dispute over the partnership.

Joint Venture Definition


This is not exactly a joint venture template rather it deals with the definitions, obligations and legal aspects of a joint venture. This template is of great help to those who want to enter a joint venture only after knowing the implication of every term and condition. Before drafting your final copy of joint venture agreement, you should go through all the details furnished in this template.

Joint Venture Agreement Template Real Estate


Joint Venture Agreement Template Download


Download Joint Venture Agreement


Joint Venture Agreement


Example of Joint Venture Agreement


Joint Venture Agreement Download


Simple Joint Venture Agreement Template


When Do You Need a Joint Venture Agreement?

A joint venture is when two or more companies wish to start working together to achieve a common goal. Before starting this new project, all the parties involved should sign a joint venture agreement stating all terms and conditions related to the new project. This kind of agreement is the best way to avoid any kind of financial or legal dispute that may arise between the partners in future.

What Is The Use of Joint Venture Agreement?

A joint venture agreement primarily focuses on the critical aspects of the project like how to share the profit amount, what financial liabilities each parties has in case of loss, what are the terms and conditions of dissolution, type of legislative intervention and many more. This written format is essential to resolve any issue arising among the parties.

How To Prepare a Joint Venture Agreement?

  •  Initial stage of drafting a joint venture agreement is to plan an overall format of the agreement that you wish to confirm.
  •  Discuss the terms and conditions of the agreement with other parties. If they have any issues regarding any point, make modifications that will save interest of all the parties.
  •  If you are not good at understanding the legal terms and their implications, it is better to hire a legal help who will guide you to make a final draft for the agreement.
  •  Many free online joint venture templates are available in web. If anything matches your requirement, you can download the template for reference.

Nowadays joint ventures have become a common practice among companies who work together to gain some strategic advantages in this competitive market. It is also true that in such ventures, dispute pops up easily. To avoid any financial loss or legal dispute, it is best to sign a joint venture agreement.You can also see Sample Partnership Agreements.

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