The guest book can serve many purposes like the invitees who attended, the visitors who signed the visitor’s or condolence books, etc. The guest book may contain names, telephone numbers, email, address, identity and addresses of the Guest List.A feedback column can also provide wherein the guests can make remarks or condolence as the case may be. A guest book can be decorative and shows the prestige of the organization. The sample guest book order template can be downloaded from the net either in Word or PDF format as desired by the user.You can also see Sample  Grade Book Templates

Printable Guest Book Template

printable guest book template

This sample of printable guest book template is designed in monochromatic colors. The design contains the initials of the bride and the groom on a black circle. The presence of bold double layered borders makes the guest book look all the more beautiful and elegant.

Hotel Guest Book Template

hotel guest book templates

This sample of hotel guest book template has a simple and very basic format. The entire template is divided into three distinct columns. On the first column the name of the boarders are written followed by the date in the second column and their comments in the third column.

Wedding Guest Book Template

wedding guest book template

This sample of wedding guest book template depicts a design which is more romantic and elaborate. The outer cover of the book has an image of the couple, set against a black background. When you open the book, the left hand page hand side again has the collage of images followed by a series of ruled paper, where the guest can write down their comments and good wishes.

Printable Wedding Guest Book Template

printable wedding guest book template

This sample of printable wedding guest book temple comes in the form of card stacks which measures 8.5X11 inches. The card has a white background with the name of the bride and the groom written in beautiful italics font. Images of two roses appear on the corner of the paper and space is provided in the middle for the guest to writ e down their comment.

Guest Book Template Example

guest book template example

Guest Book Entries Template

guest book entries template

Guest Book Template PDF

guest book template pdf

Guest Book Sign Template

guest book sign template

Guest Book Ideas

guest book ideas

What Are Guestbook?

A guest book is described as a visitor’s log in the form of electronic entry or paper book, which is meant for the purpose of acknowledging his visit to a particular site or to any event. Guest books are commonly used on occasions like wedding or anniversaries. Some institutions like funeral homes, hotels, or landmarks use guest books to get an idea about their scope of service and overall level of satisfaction of their patrons.

What Are Some of the Wedding Guestbook Mistakes You Should Avoid?

  • Always place your guest book close to the entrance or somewhere from where the book is easily noticeable. If the guest can’t find the books, they won’t sign them.
  • Secondly keep a variety of pens handy. They should not bleed and should provide guests numerous opportunities to play with colors.
  • Make sure you place your guest book in a well lit area. Lack of light can discourage a lot of people from writing anything

How to Get the Maximum Response from Guests on Your Wedding Guest Book?

Comments and wishes on a wedding guest book are like a treasure house. You can flip through them, long after your wedding and relive those wonderful memories. If you want to get the maximum amount of response from your guests make the entire process fun and interesting. Ask interesting questions or bring up stories with specific sentiments attached to it. Instead of a traditional book, you can use a tree branch and an easel, where each comment and wish can he hung from a branch. Later on you can frame this picture and enjoy memories of a life time.

Guest books have been a part of many celebrations and events for a long time. Irrespective of whether you want a traditional guest book or wish to experiment with a new style our wide range of guest book samples can help you to make a choice without much confusion.

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