Do you want to print your own beautiful gift card envelopes? If yes, you are at the right place. Our websites represents a wide range of sample gift card Small Envelope Template which involves colored, digital print and floral prints as per trends. You need not to go out anywhere now for buying gift card envelopes because the sample gift card envelope template available online will help you. These gift card envelopes are designed to be customized and you can download them from internet. So don’t hesitate now if you don’t have a gift envelope at the eleventh hour because you can download the one instantly.

Gift Card Envelope Printable

gift card envelope printable

This sample of gift card envelope sample is a sample for a video magazine. The sample is available in 4X6 PDF format and can be easily downloaded and printed. The card has a simple design and comes with deep red side borders. The upper right hand corner has a design of copy of the magazines, and the body portion consists of the name and address of the recipient.

Free Printable Gift Card Envelope

free printable gift card envelope

This sample of free printable gift card envelope has a very cute and colorful design, with an image of several multi colored polka dots drawn in an airplane model. A sketch of balloons is depicted at the centre along with a white space where the name of the recipient can be written. The cards have a dimension of 8.5 X 11 inches and come with a printable instruction manual.

Gift Card Envelope 

gift card envelope pdf

This sample of gift card envelope depicts the design of a Christmas tree popping out from inside an open mouthed envelope. This gift card is obviously meant to be used for sending holiday greeting and can be used both for personal and professional purposes. The image of Santa on stamp appears on the right hand side of the envelope, followed by holiday wishes at the bottom of the envelope.

Basic Gift Card Envelope

basic gift card envelope1

This sample of basic gift card envelope is designed in gorgeous red color. The background and the color of the card are identical. There are some artistic designs on the card in the same color. The highlight of the card is a golden ribbon, which is tied in a bow in the middle of the card. The sample comes with a Vector EPS file and supports adobe CS format.

Gift Card Envelope

gift card envelope

Gift Card Envelope Example

gift card envelope example

Standard Gift Card Envelope

standard gift card envelope

Gift Card Envelope Format

gift card envelope format

Simple Gift Card Envelope

simple gift card envelope

Why Are Gift Cards Important For A Business?

Gift cards in the realm of small or big business often act as a marketing tool, with a high amount of success ratio. Gifting a gift card is like creating an obligation and forcing a person to come to your outlet or to use your service. Chances are high that a first time visit often transforms into a regular occasion. Gift cards often allow customers the flexibility of using them as they like.

Why Gift Cards Are Used As Employee Incentive Than Cash?

Most organizations are nowadays opting to provide gift cards rather than cash as incentives, primarily because; they create a more lasting value and memory than it is done with cash. Gift cards are not viewed as a part of the compensation package which gives them a true gift package. It also involves the family of the employee as it offers him an opportunity of guilt free spending and has a viral value attached to them.

On What Occasions Are Gift Cards Given In A Corporate Setup?

Gifting a gift card on festive occasion or on the occasion of birthdays is common in an organization. However, there are several other occasions when a gift card is given like to recognize performance, as part of a wellness program, as non sales recognition award, as sales awards, for consumer promotions and many other such instances.

Gifts play a very important role in our day to day life. It helps to cement relationships and create partnerships based on good will. Download one of our several gift cards and customize it for your friends, customers or relatives and make them feel special this festive season.You can also see Wedding Card Envelope Templates.

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