This kind of envelope is very commonly used by photography studios because generally the photographs are taken in this size and then delivered in these envelopes. You may be thinking that how can you find sample if you are new in this job. Usually you will require sample 4×6 envelope template every now and then if you are in the photography business. Our site understands your requirement and provides Envelope Templates of this size in PDF formats. This will make your work much easier to perform and new things now can be done more easily without more complications.

4×6 Printable Envelope Template

This is nothing but a postcard that looks like an envelope from the back. It has a highly professional design and features smart objects. The resolutions are given by 3000 x 2000. This template is perfect for business usage and come with changeable backgrounds.

DIY Envelope Template

Perfect for gifting, this 4×6 envelope template has a beautiful design. Handcrafted just for you, these envelopes have gold glitters on the surface and are available in various colors like peach, mint, pink, and ivory to name only a few.

4×6 Large Envelope Template Printable

If you have a business where you need to make envelopers, then you can make use of this template. Made completely in Adobe Illustrator, this template is extremely easy to make and is a perfect choice for people who are into arts and crafts as well.

Tiny Envelope Template

This too comes with a changeable background and offers a 100% zoom-in view. It has a tropical design and looks beautiful. A simple click on your mouse is all that you need to change the background. It is a high resolution template and makes use of realistic images.

4×6 Envelope Template Example

Why do you need 4×6 Envelope Templates?

Envelopes happen to be an integral part of all business and 4×6 is one of the standard sizes. Regardless of your profession, you can use these templates for business and corporate purposes and use any one of these designs to create an envelope that is unique to your organization or profession. You may like 5×7 Envelope Templates.

One of the common most professions where envelopes are used commonly is photography. Photographers use these envelopes to send pictures to clients and photos are generally of this size. These can also be used to send postcards and gift vouchers.

Benefits of 4×6 Envelope Templates

These 4×6 envelope templates have a professional and elegant design and can be used for different purposes. Many of these come with an interchangeable background meaning you can change the background as per your wish. Needless to say templates make your work easy and increase your speed. You can also see A7 Envelope Templates.

You no longer need to go and search for envelope samples elsewhere as you get the same with the click of your mouse. These images used are of high resolution and that make the envelope look all the more appealing. The templates are available in PDF format and are easy to use and customize.

How to Create 4×6 Envelope Template?

Creating one of these templates is easy. You can find many of these templates online and the first thing that you need to do is choose one according to your need. It is important that you take the print in a good quality paper, more so when you are using the envelope for professional or business reason. You may also like A2 Envelope Templates.

They usually come with dotted lines and you need to fold along these lines to make the envelope. Some even come with various customization options in terms of the text and the images and doing it is easy.

A smart and good-looking envelope help in creating a good impression, no matter what profession you are in. these templates though designed from a professional viewpoint can be used for personal reasons as well.

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