Your first thought into making a spectacular movie might involve creative ideas or inspiring stories. But let us be real, making your ideas a reality through a film also takes some money. So when you produce a film, consider the budget film preparation as standard. Otherwise, all those special plans might turn to dust without budget planning. Thankfully, you need not depend on expensive programs or software to organize the whole budget down from every artist, location, costume, HMUA, technician, distribution, marketing, and other costs. All you need is a well-made sample film budget.

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1. Film Budget Template

film budget template

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2. Sample Film Budget Template

sample film budget template

3. Sample Film Budget

film budget%ef%bb%bf

4. Film Budget Schedule

film budget template

5. Film Budget Checklist

film budget checklist

6. Film Approved Budget Template

sample budget template

7. Short Film Budget Template

short film budget

8. Film Blank Budget Form

budget form for film

9. Documentary Budget Film

budget film documentary doc

What Is a Film Budget Template?

A film budget template is a major ingredient in film production. It overviews all the expenses and budget controls in the film making process. That way, each element in a video project where costs must be recognized will be laid out in a document. In other cases, the budget template serves as a basis when a project needs help raising funds to cover all the expenses from pre-production down to post-production. In short, the film budget serves as a video production’s business plan—a roadmap that sets the framework for a film’s financial-related decisions.

How to Create a Film Budget

Considering how important the film budget is, it is not right to take its content and design lightly. Poor financial management and rejected plans might be the endgame if the plan is not prepared properly. Your fundamental role is to begin listing the project’s possible costs first and familiarize the processes in making the budget sheet. When it comes to the film budget’s design and structure, please leave it to us from our downloadable templates. So without further ado, here are the steps on how to make a film budget:

Step 1: Know What to Produce

Remember that the film budget’s design and content would depend mostly on the producer and the movie’s needs. Be sure to introduce everyone who is part of the film about the overall pre-production plan and the underlying costs. Once everybody knows of the possible costs, it will be easier to provide the budget information and how much money is allotted for each factor. It would be best if you work with the right crew for a smart strategy here.

Step 2: List Down the Possible Fees

Have you checked our sample templates already? If not yet, explore every sample film budget until you find the right one that suits your needs. Next, list down every cost to cover for the video project in the template. Templates are already pre-formatted anyway, so you only need to finish details by filling in what is still missing. A tip is to prepare a checklist so it will not be difficult to identify if you missed anything, wrote things in double, or listed everything.

Step 3: Organize Everything

Indeed, you list everything but not to the point where there is no proper organization or sequence already. Arrange the enlisted details like dividing the budget categories according to the total pre-production, another for post-production, and the total production. Simply stating the amount is not enough because you have to specify what that is for. Is a certain price specifically for the director, scriptwriter, or the artist? Note it down.

Step 4: Prepare a Contingency Plan

Anyone can come up with an excellent video production budget plan. But sometimes, things might fall apart where something might not go according to plan. Thus, the film might not be pushed further. Thankfully, you can prevent that situation by preparing a contingency plan. If costs will not be covered at some point, then where can the production get emergency money? From the executive producer or perhaps, anyone from the sponsorship team? And now that you have a backup source for funds, a low budget will no longer stop production.


When do you need a film budget template?

Film budget templates are a must in filmmaking to simplify work. Therefore, you need the film budget before even making the film itself. Record the possible examples for all areas and note how the money will be spent. That way, it will be clear if the plan for the film is practically possible.

How much should a feature film cost?

Film budgets for feature films vary. And they would depend if you are creating a low-budget film or a blockbuster type of movie. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, the average cost for a feature film ranges from $70–$90 million.

What are the parts of a film budget template?

In standard, there are four critical parts of a film budget template. They are equipment, locations, wages, and post-production expenses.

Since making templates is not always a simple task, allow ready-made film budget templates to help you. You are easily guided as such templates are available for download anytime, and you need not edit too much. A few additions and embellishments to the document will work, as long as you provided the complete and relevant information. Hence, do not just put all the effort into planning since executing it with the right budget ensures your video projects to be done into reality.

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