A budget film preparation is altogether a tricky affair. There are many variations, contingencies as well as incidentals. The provision is different from a documentary film and a commercial one. The locations, artists, time frame, costumes, technicians, script, direction, distribution etc. are the few of major ingredient in a film production. The Movie Ticket Templates casting also plays a significant role in the total outlay. The time is crucial in cutting the corners of the budget.

Film Budget Template

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Sample Film Budget Template


The film budget template displays all the production costs in detail. It is easy to understand all costs in particular with this format. The contents are listed under the headings -total above the line, total pre-production and total post production. Under the headings, are listed the different items for the budget.

Sample Film Budget


This sample budget template is a little more complex than other versions as contents are not listed completely in a tabular form. They are expressed in points and paragraphs making it a little difficult to interpret the information displayed.

Film Budget Schedule


Being a short film budget template, the information displayed is less .It is a summarized version of the film budget hence looks more concise. There are contents being a smaller film and the amounts spent can be understood with more clarity. Information is presented in the form of a summary page and then a breakdown of the budget.

Film Budget Checklist


The budget template is displayed in a checklist form. It helps to keep a check on costs in advance. In a checklist, information is consolidated to make it comprehensive. There will be many items not needed for some particular type of production, those are to be ignored and a few changes production-specific need to be made if required – these details are also given.

Film Approved Budget Template


Short Film Budget Template


Film Blank Budget Form


Documentary Budget Film


Use of Film Budget Template

A film budget template is of utmost importance in the process of film making as the budget controls all other aspects of the movie, in terms of costs i.e. recognizing costs from every element of the film to those participating in the finance related activities. It is needed to raise funds and get finances necessary for the pre-production as well as the production of the film. Also when you are unable to find some very important information that is crucial to film making, such a template can be very useful. The budget template helps in reaching an overview of expenses and is the critical roadmap for the whole film project. It sets the framework to make all the film related decisions. Ultimately it is used to plan and make changes in the planning stages of film production. It is very important for explicit details to be present in the document with respect to decisions that may be subjected to change.

When is a Film Budget Template Required?

A film budget template is always needed when a film is being made. It is a must during film making since it simplifies work. It is needed during reporting of the budget to show the actual/gross amount spent on the film. The Budget Templates is vital while taking decisions relating to costs .The template is mainly made whenever a film is being made to keep a record of expenses in all areas. It helps us make a note of all important tasks and items on which money is spent.

How to prepare Film Budget Templates?

Usually the template is in the format. At times, more than one draft of budget templates need to be made to cut down costs. They are normally divided into “Total above the line”, “Total production” and “Total post production”. Fees that decide the price tone are called above -the- line costs such as director name, scriptwriter, the fees charged by the producer. They are usually set by negotiation. The rest of the cast, costume costs, rent of equipment, etc comes under Below-the-line costs.

These costs are usually less than above-the -line cost. Being a reflection of post production costs budget templates include the expenses on editing, special effect costs, etc. Basically it shows the amount of money needed to be spent in different areas ,the names of the areas in which it is to be spent and a plan is required to be made in advance so it can be stuck to while going about the budget so that over spending does not happen.

Though making templates is not an easy job, readymade templates of film budgets are easily available and much editing is also not needed. A few additions and amendments to it make it detailed, providing relevant information in a simplified form. It eases out the process of costing, etc. when a film is being made and is a pointer to the expenditure on the film production in totality.

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