Excel timesheet template can serve in many purposes based on the program instilled on the excel file. This spreadsheet tool allows any user to have the task be completed in a short time while eliminating any errors in organizing and computing any data as the Microsoft excel is one computer application that is renowned for its efficiency and user friendly features in accomplishing any task. You May also See Hourly Timesheet Calculatorss

The Example template can be made or downloaded online for you to have the sample you can utilize in an instant when there is need for systematizing, consolidating and figuring data. Excel timesheet template makes anyone to be well-organized and fast for every task given to them. Monthly timesheet template

Employee Time Sheet


This employee timesheet template is noting the timing of an employee’s arrival and departure to and from the office. It notes the employee’s name, i.d. number, department, supervisor, extension. Then it has 6 columns for the date, start time, end time, regular hours, overtime hours, total hours, etc. Then it also has the slot to note the totals of the month, i.e. total regular hours at the end of the month, total overtime hours at the end of the month and the total of net working hours at the end of the month.

Excel Biweekly Timesheet

This biweekly timesheet template prepared in excel has slots for noting the name of the company, full address of the office including ST ZIP code. Apart from that it also notes the personal detail of the employees, such their names, and email i.ds, the names of their managers, phone numbers, start and end of the pay period. Then it has 5 columns, the first of which denotes day of the week, the next one denotes date, followed by regular hours, overtime hours and total hours. Then there is the slot for total hours, rate per hour and total pay. It includes the signatures of the employee and the manager at the very end.

Excel Timesheet With Lunch

This timesheet template prepared in Excel, calculates the working hours of an employee over the duration of a week. It includes the name of the employee, the month of the year, and the hourly rate. Then there’s the table with 6 columns which contains the days of the weak, time of log in, lunch starting time, lunch ending time, time of log out, hours worked and total.

Excel Employee Timesheet

Monthly Timesheet Template


This monthly timesheet template shows the hours worked by an employee during a month, with calculations. It includes the name of the company, the name of the employee, the addresses, the city, state & ZIP, phone number, over time rate, rate per hour, month, year, etc. Apart from these there is a table, which includes the day of the week, date of the month, start time, end time, over time hours, lunch timings, and total hours.

Blank Monthly Timesheet


Camera Timesheet & Invoice


What is a Timesheet Template?

A Time Sheet is a document for workers to record the time spent on each job. Time Sheet templates are documents maintained by the organization which makes it easier to keep track of the number of hours worked by the employees, regular as well as overtime, number of hours absence, leave hours etc. Such a detailed sheet is essential in obtaining work timing information which helps in making payments easily. Nowadays instead of papers, the entire thing has gone online. Originally created for the calculation of Payroll by the employer, it can also be used for a lot more, such as Management Accounting.

What Are The Benefits Of Timesheet Template?

Tracking the timing of employees, that is the time taken by each employee on each job, is extremely important for running a profitable and efficient business. Tracking and knowing the amount of time each employee spends on their processes will help to analyze the quality and efficiency of the employee’s performance. The firm can then take suitable measures to help the employee improve his productivity. In addition to that, Time Sheets are also the key to long term planning and progress of the company as in the information can be processed and used for better estimating the profitability of future projects. You May also See Consultant Timesheet Templates

How to Make a Timesheet Template?

The key to making an efficient Time Sheet template lies in its format. The better the format, the better the Time Sheet and the more effective it’s functioning. The basic format includes columns for the daily entry and exit of the employees so as to track the hours worked. Apart from that it also includes columns for the absence and the leaves taken by the employees so as to eliminate the unproductive hours. Then there are the total columns- Daily Total, Weekly Total, Biweekly Total, etc. It is on the basis of these that payments are made to the employees.

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