An event timeline is used for viewing and organizing every special occasions for each dates in which a vital celebration or affair must be done. A guiding tool to which anyone can lay a hand to set their time frame for each month of the year; you can have set and schedule the dates for the rest of the year by just using this template. You May also See Event Timeline Templates

An example template is available in any download format that you preferred, for every country or religion for your sample format; you can input those special events you want to celebrate in this template. A good Sample Timeline Template can be used for every setting up events that must be accomplished so you cannot miss any days that meant important for you.

Special Event Timeline

This event timeline is best suited for special events. These events need to be planed for in advance, almost 6 months to a year in advance. Then the template goes on to list various processes related with the event, which need to take place to bring the event to fruition.

Event Timeline Template Word

This event timeline template created by word is a customisable template that lets it user to add and edit it to fit the events. It is divided into tasks which need to be completed within a stipulated time period, say 4 – 6 months or 2 – 4 before the event.

These tasks include creation of the event plan, creation of the event budget, selection of the venue, booking the speakers, creating preliminary agenda of the meeting, creating sponsor packages when needed, sending potential sponsor materials, running through the selected venue in case of unfamiliarity, creating promotional materials, building an open registration system, sending promotional materials to potential participants, and selection of menus, etc.

Event Planning Timeline

This event planning timeline template shows the timeline though which every event goes through before eventually coming to fruition. The template states minimum time limits along with the processes for optimum effectiveness. The timeline goes in this way:
Proposal to coordinator -> Proposal on C/LS committee agenda -> Publicity -> Submission of flyers for duplication -> Media mailing -> Campus mailing -> Arrangements -> Marquee request form to dean of student activities -> Work orders.

Event Timeline Free

This free downloadable event timeline template is also best suited to special events which have at least 12 months before the event. The timeline goes somewhat like: Appointing event chairpersons -> Determining the purpose of the event -> Deciding the budget -> Appointing key committee chairs -> Appointing specific committee chairs -> Scheduling -> determining the guest list.

Campus Event Planning Timeline

College Event Planning Timeline

Donor Event Timeline

Conference Event Timeline

Transition Events Timeline

What Are Event Timeline Templates?

A timeline basically stands for a flow chart or a chronologically ordered list of events. A timeline template helps to chronologically arrange all the tasks and processes that need to be accomplished for organizing an event. The timeline template arranges the events according to the prospective date of accomplishment so as to ease the functioning and fulfillment of the tasks. You May also See Event Timeline

What Are The Benefits Of Event Timeline Templates?

  • Event planning templates provide a lot of benefits, they are-
  • Determining dates
  • Identifying planning committee
  • Scheduling plan meetings
  • Developing event goals
  • Confirming venue reservations
  • Preparing guests lists
  • Confirming guest lodging reservations
  • Confirming dates with VIPs
  • Appointing emcees keynote speakers
  • Preparing the budget
  • Estimating the yield
  • Confirming the menu for the meals
  • Developing event database
  • Outlining the ceremony to discuss with others
  • Brainstorming gift ideas

How To Prepare An Event Timeline Template?

Preparing an event timeline template can be a bit of a hassle for inexperienced people. So it is strongly recommended to get an idea of event management before trying to prepare an event timeline template. Then all you need to do is jot down the various processes associated with the event, along with the minimum time period required to complete those events , in a tabular format and you are good to go.

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