A checklist by definition is an assorted list of items arranged in a sequential order which is referred to keep a track of a list of items to be remembered. Our sample Checklist Templates help you arrange all your items in a chronological order, ensuring that all of them are well accounted for.Designed by professional designers, they are easily adaptable to MS Word making their customization very simple. The format and color of the items to be maintained in the list can be modified and upon completion can be downloaded too. They can be used both on the professional and personal front and are completely free of cost.

Daily Checklist Template

daily checklist template

File Format
  • MS Excel
  • MS Word
  • Numbers
  • Pages

Size: A4, US


House Cleaning Checklist

house cleaning checklist1


Dorm Room Checklist

dorm room checklist


This is a checklist for a room in a dormitory, where the names of the facilities allowed are listed. There are boxes to be ticked next to each item enlisted, which denotes its availability or unavailability in the specific dorm room.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

sample spring cleaning checklist


This checklist is for the weekly cleaning of houses. The list have different sections, such as bedroom, bathroom etc, where specific areas to be cleaned are mentioned. There are empty boxes next to these, which should be ticked after cleaning.

Packing Checklist

sample packing checklist


This is a checklist useful for packing. It has various sections, such as clothes, toiletries etc., which includes a number of items like casual dress, formal dress, toothbrush, soap etc. There is a column where quantity of each is mentioned.

Vacation Checklist

sample vacation checklist


Travel Checklist

sample travel checklist


Newborn Checklist

sample newborn checklist


Baby Shower Checklist

sample baby shower checklist

Camping Checklist

sample camping checklist


Home Inspection Checklist

sample home inspection checklist


Baby Registry Checklist

sample baby registry checklist


Moving Checklist

sample moving checklist


Event Planning Checklist

sample event planning checklist


New Apartment Checklist

sample new apartment checklist


Why Do You Need Sample Checklist Templates?

Checklists are important because these lists are helpful in reminding you of the details which you might otherwise forget. For example when you are going to a place, you will need to pack certain necessary items. This is where a checklist of the items to be packed comes handy. Or if you are in charge of housekeeping of a large house or a hotel, a checklist of the things which needs to be cleaned in different areas can be helpful. Having each and every item listed in front of you makes you able to perform your job better, and thus checklists are needed.

Who Needs Sample Checklist Templates?

It is probably easier to say who does not need a checklist, because everyone needs a checklist for different purposes. If you are organizing a personal or professional event, you will need a checklist, to ensure that all the arrangements are made in a proper way. Similarly, when you will travelling, you will not want to miss out on travelling essential or documents. So, making a check list beforehand and packing according to the checklist will be useful. In case of a dormitory or a hotel, amenities checklist will be helpful for the tourists staying there, and the workers too.You can also see Sample  Project Checklists.

How to make Sample Checklist Templates?

A checklist will be made according to the needs of the individual. If you are making a checklist for a trip, then you will need a packing checklist, and if you are making a checklist for household chores allocation, it will be a different checklist. A number of types of checklist templates are available on the internet to be used for various purposes. You can download them according to your requirements and use them. You can also make a checklist on your own, by following the templates. Make sure you use all the required fields in the checklist you make.

A number of checklist templates, made by professional designers are available on the internet for you to download and use. Each of these checklists has specific purposes, and you just need to select the one which is suitable to you. The checklists are useful to remember things, which you may otherwise forget. You can also see Sample Cleaning Checklists.

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