The Reseller Agreement is used for creating an agreement between two sides, one who agrees to lease, distribute, market, or sell a products and another on whose behalf the first party is willing to sell or market the products. There are of course, several terms and conditions to abide by.

It is the product manufacturer who retains every right to the intellectual properties. The reseller Tolling agreement Templates features both standard clauses as well opportunities for customisation to ensure that understanding between both the sides are perfectly set forth. Most of the product manufacturers or resellers prefer using the premium reseller agreement templates.

Reseller Agreement Sample

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Restaurant Reseller Agreement Sample Template

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Good Reseller Agreement Template

Best Reseller Agreement Template

Software Reseller Agreement Template

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Independent Reseller Agreement

Certificate Reseller Agreement

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Essential Features of The Reseller Agreement Templates

Some of the Essential Features of Top Rated Reseller Agreement Templates are Listed Below:

  • Sample agreement copy in word format
  • Details of legal proceedings in excel table format
  • Product and service list

Customizing the Agreement as Per The Needs

Yes, the reseller agreement templates can be customized as per user requirement.

  • These templates comes loaded with in-built features like sample agreement forms, service list, page designing format, etc.
  • Installing these templates can definitely be of great help to the reseller.
  • With these templates, it becomes easier to carry out these business agreements in the most convincing manner possible.

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