Place value or as commonly known the hundreds, tens and units can be a hard concept for children. It is known that the value of each figure in a number depends on its position in the number with respect to hundreds, tens, and units etc.

The Place value Chart Template helps children to understand how numbers are made up. Students starting from the very beginning learn the names of numbers and probably how to count with the help of place value chart. Teachers often use place value chart to test their knowledge regarding this very basic concept. It also helps the novice students to learn the utility of zero in a number especially while adding, or subtracting the numbers.

Place Value Chart Activities

Place value chart activities are very useful to teach your kids place values We offer you a large variety of place value chart activities which helps sure to help primary level students to better understand the rules and principles of place value. These place value chart activities are available in word as well as pdf formats.

Place Value Chart Example

Place value chart is an efficient tool for teaching primary school kids the principles of place value. If you are teaching kids place value, our place value chart examples are sure to help you. These place value chart examples are especially designed for primary level students to understand and are available for download in word as well as pdf formats.

Place Value Chart Template

Place value chart is widely used by primary school teachers to teach students about place value. There are various graphical and non-graphical place value charts that can be used. We provide you with a collection of various style of place value chart templates that you can download in word as well as pdf formats.

Printable Place Value Chart

Sample Place Value Chart

Simple Place Value Chart

Downloadable Place Value Chart

Place Value Chart in Word


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