Phone trees are helpful tools of organization and free phone tree template available on the Internet allows you to send messages to groups of people in a convenient and fast manner. When you download a sample phone tree template, you will find that they excel at dividing call responsibility between the group where there is an emergency or the requirement of sending an urgent message. For example, the first person present on the phone tree might have to call three people and each of them will, in turn, be required to call another three individuals. This carries on until the whole group receives the message.

Method of Phone Tree Template Creation

MS Word offers the SmartArt feature which helps you create emergency phone trees quickly and efficiently that you can print out later.

– All you need to do is open a new document in Word and then go to “Insert” at the top of the page. You will find the SmartArt option in the Illustrations category.

– You need to choose the style of the layout of the premium phone tree template and then check that all the boxes are in the correct order. You can easily add, remove or shuffle boxes around on the tree.

– Once you are done, you can save your phone tree as a template. Just select the save location on your computer, enter a name, and then go to the “Save as type” line, where you can choose the “Word Template” option.

– When you wish to create a new telephone tree, you can simply open the template.

Recommendations for Users of Phone Tree Template

– Instead of creating your own, you can simply download free phone tree templates and there are loads of options to choose from.

– One of the benefits of downloading phone Tree Templates instead of creating them is you often get hierarchical box layouts that are easy to adapt.

– SmartArt option for creating templates is available in other MS Office programs like Excel and you can thus, save your template files in various formats.

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