Coming from a nation that popularized “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” it is not that its Jeopardy roots lay as far back as 1964.  Owing to its popularity in the present day, teachers often make use of a jeopardy themed quiz for creating an interactive, fun learning experience. Boring PowerPoint presentations and Story Map Templates are so boring: choose Jeopardy instead. While you can create your own, you may also browse from hundreds of free, user-created examples. Once you’ve made your decision, it’s as simple as clicking a download button and printing these premium quiz cards.

Jeopardy Template for Smartboard

jeopardy template for smartboard

Jeopardy template for Smartboard is used to create Jeopardy quizzes. The template is a detailed one where different types of quizzes can be designed. The quiz questions are from different categories, therefore the template has category section. There are also sections where team scores appear.

Jeopardy Online Game Template

jeopardy online game template

Jeopardy Online Game template is created in the form of an online game. The template has a colorful design. The look and feel of the template is like that of a game. The template also has animal and children’s characters drawn on it. The sections like Jeopardy Round, Final Jeopardy, and End look like buttons in an online game.

Blank Jeopardy Template

blank jeopardy template

Blank Jeopardy template is designed in the form of cells. Each column of cells is known as ‘Label’. A label will have questions from a certain category only. The template has a very simple look and feel. There is a section that gives ideas for the kind of questions to be included. This is helpful for users who use the template for first time.

Jeopardy Questions Template

jeopardy questions template

Jeopardy Questions Template is a simple template in word. The quiz questions are written in different categories. The questions are written in bullet points. The template has a very plain look like an examination question sheet. The points for the questions are also mentioned in brackets for each question.

Jeopardy Template PPT

jeopardy template ppt

Jeopardy Template Powerpoint

jeopardy template powerpoint

Wheel of Fortune Template

wheel of fortune template

Why do you need Jeopardy Templates?

Jeopardy templates are used to create jeopardy quizzes. These quizzes have great educational value for children. Children learn through these quizzes in a fun and interactive manner. Jeopardy Quizzes are used from primary to high schools whenever quizzes are used for learning. The templates are so well-designed that some even look like online games. It saves time for user in creating flash cards in PowerPoint.  The templates are available formats like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

When do you need a Jeopardy Template?

Jeopardy templates are used to create jeopardy quizzes. Children can gain knowledge of different areas through these quizzes. They are used from elementary school till high school. They are required whenever teaching is to be done in a fun and interactive way. Children learn by playing Jeopardy games. They can be used for every subject and help children forgo conventional way of approaching problems. The quizzes require students to think and answer and be involved in the activity fully. You May also See Class Room Jeopardy

Benefits of Jeopardy Template

Jeopardy Templates help in creating quizzes in different formats for subjects ranging from Mathematics to History to Literature. These quizzes ensure learning in a fun and interactive way. This breaks the monotony of classroom lectures. Since the quizzes use logic and decision tree framework, the students develop the habit of thinking and solving problems. They are also thoroughly involved in the activity.   The templates have varied look and feel, which create interest among the children. Some of them look like online games with avatars. Readymade templates save time in creating quiz flashcards from scratch.

Jeopardy quizzes have very good educational value. Children learn serious subjects in a fun-filled manner. The game was made immensely popular by the show ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’. The show struck a chord among people of all ages. Children connect with it too and as a result welcome the idea of learning through Jeopardy games.   The templates must be used to create these quizzes in a fast and efficient manner.

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