One may have symbolized writing in the pronunciation part with in a word meaning of a dictionary. The IPA looks like common English writing, but with some peculiar letters thrown in. IPA stands for International Phonetic Alphabet, which is an alphabetic system of phonetic notations. It is like any alphabet, but it represents the phonetics or sounds of a language.

The IPA Chart Template is designed to represent only that part of oral language that sometimes hard to understand by the people whose mother language is different. IPA symbols are composed of two basic types, i.e. letters and diacritics. IPA chart helps to learn this process quite elaborately and perfectly.

Downloadable IPA Chart

downloadable ipa chart

An IPA chart or International Phonetic Alphabet chart shows a standardized representation of sounds of oral language. The representation is primarily based on Latin alphabets. We offer you standard IPA charts which you can download in word as well as pdf formats. They all follow the guidelines of IPA.

IPA Chart for English

ipa chart for english

An IPA chart for English shows the most common applications of International Phonetic Alphabet to symbolize English language pronunciation. These charts are available for various dialects of English. We offer you a wide range of IPA charts for English which are sure to improve your English pronunciation. These charts are available in word as well as pdf formats.


ipa chart pdf

The IPA chart or International Alphabet Phonetic chart in a PDF version makes it very convenient to refer the chart as it can be seen in cell phones, tablet or pc. We offer you IPA chart PDF in variety of graphical and textual formats which you can readily download as per your convenience.

IPA English Chart Example

ipa english chart example

IPA Vowel Chart

ipa vowel chart

Printable IPA Chart

printable ipa chart

Sample IPA Chart

sample ipa chart

Simple IPA Chart

simple ipa chart

IPA Chart in Word

ipa chart in word

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