A dashboard is the place where your daily utilities are kept bundled together. Whatever you use and keep for records, to tally, to refer to etc, is normally kept in a dashboard. That is why when you make a virtual HR dashboard, you keep all important HR documents formats, templates and proformas there.

HR Dashboard Bundle Template

The HR dashboard bundle template is the one you use to keep a bundle of all HR related documents that helps in letter writing, documentation, operations and troubleshooting in the job of the HR.

Human Resource Dashboard Template

The human resource dashboard template refers to the simple plain dashboard that you maintain at office as the HR. You may keep a virtual dashboard in your system, or may keep a physical dashboard with prints of all important formats etc.

Simple HR Dashboard Template

The simple HR dashboard template is a simple form of the dashboard. Rather here is a list of all important things which are needed if you maintain a simple HR dashboard.

Sample HR Dashboard Template

The sample HR dashboard template is actually a sample that actually gives you a glimpse of how the HR dashboard should look lie, and contain what elements.

Excel HR Dashboard Template

The Excel HR dashboard template is actually a dashboard for the HR, which you maintain in Excel. This one is to give you a great glimpse of what to include in a HR based dashboard.

Standard HR Dashboard Template

The standard format of the HR based dashboard, where you actually get all the standard official reports, formats, forms and documentation etc, to declare a complete dashboard is this o

Basic HR Dashboard Template

The basic HR dashboard template is the basic form of the dashboard, which you refer to make the basic operations as the HR. the most important forms and formats are made available her

HR Management Dashboard Template

The management dashboard template is just another style where all HR management related forms , formats and documentations are kept, and you may access this to get anything relevant to management.

HR Company Dashboard Template

The HR company dashboard is not just the HR’s corner, but all company specific information, documents, formats etc are kept and maintained here.

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