Often the home inspection is done in order to know the condition of house before selling it to a new buyer or giving it on rent. The home inspection report template can be copied for preparation of the Report by the inspection agent. Although the home inspection report template doesn’t include many fields but it has conditional columns and things which need to be changed. You can also see Situation Report Templates

Also it possesses columns for the past buyer details of the house. It is very important as it is all about your sweet home. So our site offers template free for download and use in many formats.

Home Inspection Report Template

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Building Inspection Report Sample Template

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Home Inspection Report


This Home inspection report template is very detailed and comprehensive in its approach as it records the structure of the building as a whole and the building as well. In the structural portion it judges the roof, style, foundations, post, etc. Whereas in the basement section it judges the drainage, dampness, crawl space, etc.

Home Inspection Sample Report


This detailed report template provides a lot of information about the property as a whole, its owners, its prospective buyers, and of course the details of the property being inspected. It also has a section where the inspector can leave comments about the property, from the data gathered in his inspection.

Review of Home Inspection


This home inspection review template gives necessary information about the property, its location, city and state. Date, time, weather and temperature of inspection is also mentioned along with names of the inspector and the client, fee of inspection. There is also the configuration of the property, parties present and the type of lot.

Inspection Report PDF


This house inspection template gives an overall review of the property inspected along with the date on which it was inspected, the location of the property, and the name of the intended buyer. Apart from the overall review, it lays special emphasis on special parts of the property which needs to be emphasized upon such as any particular concerns which need to be brought the notice of the buyer.

Full Home Inspection Report


Sample Inspection Report


Sample Home Inspection Report


Home Inspection Report Sample


Sample Report for Home Inspection


House Sample Report


Home Inspection Report PDF


Home Inspection Report Free


What is Home Inspection Reports?

A home inspection is an examination of any house, non-invasive in nature, so as to adjudge its condition. More often than not, it is done in connection with the selling of a property. Home inspections are usually performed by a qualified home inspector who has both the certifications and the training to conduct such inspections. He prepares a detailed report of his findings and sends it to his client that is the intended buyer. You can also see Staff Report Templates

The client then uses that report to make informed decisions regarding the real estate transaction. The home inspector gives a mere description of the condition of the house during his inspection; he can in no such way guarantee the future condition of the house, or its efficiency, etc.

What Are The Benefits Of Home Inspection Reports?

Home inspection offers several benefits to the buyers, these are as follows-

  • Assessment of major defects- Buyers can get to assess major defects in the house by having it inspected.
  • Saving money- Buyers get to save money but asking the sellers to cater to the repairs of the property Fixing
  • issues- Many sellers actually fix the issues prior to the inspection so as to ensure quick sale.
  • Negotiation- A house inspection reports helps the buyer of the property to negotiate the price with the seller.
  • Planning- A home inspection is a great way of planning ahead, money paying for the house inspection today may result in not having to pay for the repairs tomorrow.

How To Prepare A Home Inspection Report?

One cannot simply prepare home inspection reports. This can only be done by trained professionals who have the certifications which allow them to do so. However, if you happen to be one such certified individual, it is very easy to prepare. You can also see Scientific Report Templates

All you have to do is, go out, find a house, exercise your training and jot down every possible detail you notice in it no matter how intricate it is. But of course don’t judge barge in, take prior permission. Use the information you collect and segregate it into sections such as architecture, design, interiors etc, and represent it.

Preparing a template all by yourself can be a hassle indeed. There are millions and millions of such templates available on the internet. Check them out, download the one which suits your needs the most, and write down the necessary information you have collected.

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