Before clients are interested in buying a house or property, they often recommend a home inspection for a clearer look at the house’s condition. Why so? According to Porch, 86% of buyers who considered home inspection found out that inspectors can identify at least one problem needed to address. If buyers fail to inspect, they might pay for a home with defects or issues. And besides word of mouth, the best way to realize a house’s full condition is to write the findings in detail using sample home inspection reports. What are they, and why do you need them? Continue reading this article.

Home Inspection Report Template

home inspection report

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Building Inspection Report Sample Template

building insoection report

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Home Inspection Report

home inspection report

Home Inspection Sample Report

home inspection sample report

Review of Home Inspection

report of home inspection

Inspection Report PDF

inspection report pdf

Full Home Inspection Report

full home inspection report

Sample Inspection Report

sample inspecation report

Sample Home Inspection Report

sample home inspection report

Home Inspection Report Sample

home inspection report sample

Sample Report for Home Inspection

sample report for home inspection

House Sample Report

house sample report

Home Inspection Report PDF

home inspection report pdf

Home Inspection Report Free

home inspection report free

What Is a Home Inspection Report?

Home inspection refers to a full house examination. Examining doesn’t have to be invasive all the time, as long as the house’s condition will be scrutinized. Indeed, inspections are done in connection with selling properties. But it can also be done anytime. And the inspection is performed by qualified home inspectors. The inspector then prepares a detailed report of his or her findings to the client or potential buyer. So, a home inspection report marks the detailed information, proof, or receipt about a house inspection’s complete findings.

Tips to Prepare a Home Inspection Report

A home inspection report isn’t just made in one specific way. You can have it your way since it depends on the inspector or whoever creates the report on forming it. What matters most is that accurate and complete results noticed in an inspection are written under the report. To make the process simple for you, kindly download our sample home inspection reports. All you do is fill in what’s missing since the rest is already premade. And if you need help on how to prepare the report, we got you covered too. Please follow these tips on how to make the report:

1. Know What to Cover

First things first, identify the fields and areas needed to cover in the home inspection report. This part is when you need to know the house’s size and even base from the house’s blueprints for reference. Because if a house is quite big, don’t expect just to write a small report. Various details could be identified. An example is to begin grouping results where you have one category for plumbing, another for electrical aspects, and another for the bathroom. How to divide the data is up to you or whatever is required.

2. Write an Objective Report

Home inspectors should never be biased. And the same goes for whoever prepares the report. If you side with your client immediately, it looks like you will only be looking for faults from the real estate agent to make sure your client is happy. Don’t do that. Otherwise, biased reports will lessen your credibility. Stick to the truth, which is based on the inspection’s findings alone.

3. Logically Structure the Report

There should be an organized structure for the report. Don’t simply present details without any arrangement or flow. You can use any organizer like a checklist, table, chart, graph, and other visuals. That way, you need not write everything in full or lengthy sentences. Making the report detailed yet concise is the key anyway. You may structure the content according to the design and format too. Explore other ways to customize the report until you are happy with the result.

4. Attach Supporting Files

You can’t ignore other documents and files needed to support the home inspection’s evaluations, results, and overall data. For example, you could attach important receipts, citations from witnesses, pictures, videos, and other files that help prove everything written in the report. That way, your report is sure to be credible enough to believe, instead of writing reports that hardly have any evidence inside.


Why is a home inspection report beneficial?

A home inspection is helpful for many reasons. An example is how assessments will push through. That is how defects will be realized, so you can negotiate for a lower rate in buying the house or look for another alternative that isn’t defective. You can also save money since you would know what to repair early; you don’t have to wait for problems to get more severe as they will be fixed right away. And most importantly, the results written in the report will benefit your house plans. You can identify what projects to do in your home and what activities will be prohibited.

How many pages does a home inspection have?

Home inspection reports may have varying pages. Generally, such reports could have around 15 pages for small properties and about 70 pages for bigger homes.

How long is a typical home inspection?

In most cases, a home inspection takes nearly two to four hours. But the time varies depending on the house’s size. Expect a longer inspection time required for bigger houses.

Don’t ever assume that a home inspection only requires you to go out, find a house, and inspect the place according to what you see. There are various considerations involved too. For example, you need to review if the materials used in the property’s construction is reasonable for the price. Or perhaps, if there are hidden factors not yet seen but are part of the house’s blueprints. Since there are many aspects to inspect, be sure to prepare sample home inspection reports—your best assistant in covering inspection-related data from the summary of the findings down to evaluations.

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