It is extremely important to sign a Hold Harmless Agreement Template, so that it is clear to all parties that no individual or organization is responsible for risks undertaken by the individual signing the contract, or liable for injuries or damages incurred from said risks. These Sample Business Templates will help you formulate such an agreement without trouble.

Hold Harmless Agreement Template

hold harmless agreement template

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Mutual Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreement Template

mutual indemnification and hold harmless agreement template

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Hold Harmless Agreement Template

hold harmless agreement template

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Adult Hold Harmless Agreement

When an agreement engages in a particular activity which may involve certain risks, he is required to sign an adult hold harmless agreement to ensure that he is well aware of the risks and no one else should be held responsible.

adult hold harmless agreement

Donation Hold Harmless Agreement

When a person donates a particular amount or equipment for some special reason, he expects the parties accepting the donation to sign the aforesaid agreement. By signing this agreement the parties agree that the donor will not be held responsible for any problems that crop up on a later stage.

donation hold harmless agreement

Event Hold Harmless Agreement

A person participating in a particular event that can be risky for him is expected to sign this agreement which ensures that the organizers of the event would in no way be held responsible in case of a mishap.

event hold harmless agreement

Generic Hold Harmless Agreement

This is a standard design of a hold harmless agreement and follows the predefined format. By using this generic template, the user can easily design a unique hold harmless agreement by customizing it as per his needs.

generic hold harmless agreement

Insurance Hold Harmless Agreement

This agreement is signed by a person who may be interested in signing up for an insurance policy. By signing this agreement he agrees to the fact that he is well aware of the details of the policy and will not hold the company liable on a later date.

insurance hold harmless agreement

Medical Hold Harmless Agreement

A medical facility before commencing a surgery or other medical procedure on a patient expects his next of kin to sign this agreement which ensures that the hospital or the doctor will not be held responsible in case of an untoward incident.

medical hold harmless agreement

Property Hold Harmless Agreement

When a property is hired for a specific purpose or event, the organizer is expected to sign a hold harmless agreement to declare that the property owner will in no way be held responsible in case of a mishap or an untoward incident at the property.

property hold harmless agreement

Real Estate Hold Harmless Agreement

While buying or selling a property with the help of a real estate agency, the person is required to sign a hold harmless agreement that frees the agency of any kind of liabilities in case there is a problem between the parties at a later stage.

real estate hold harmless agreement

Release of Liability Hold Harmless Agreement

A person who may be interested in engaging in an adventure activity or event that may pose certain risks to him should sign the aforesaid agreement that frees the organizers of any liability in case of injury or a mishap.

release of liability hold harmless agreement

Rental Hold Harmless Agreement

While renting a property from its owner, the tenant is required to sign the rental hold harmless agreement to ensure that the property owner will not be held responsible if the tenant or the property comes under litigation during the rental period.

rental hold harmless agreement

Subcontractor Hold Harmless Agreement

subcontractor hold harmless agreement

Vehicle Hold Harmless Agreement

vehicle hold harmless agreement

Vendor Hold Harmless Agreement

vendor hold harmless agreement

Volunteer Hold Harmless Agreement

volunteer hold harmless agreement

Employee Hold Harmless Agreement

employee hold harmless agreement1

Hold Harmless Agreement PDF

hold harmless agreement pdf

Hold Harmless Agreement Form

hold harmless agreement form

Blank Hold Harmless Agreement

blank hold harmless agreement

Contractor Hold Harmless Agreement

contractor hold harmless agreement

Hold Harmless Agreement Example

hold harmless agreement example

Hold Harmless Agreement Sample

hold harmless agreement sample

Hold Harmless Agreement School

hold harmless agreement school

Automobile Hold Harmless Agreement

automobile hold harmless agreement

Construction Hold Harmless Agreement Template

construction hold harmless agreement template

Facility Usage Hold Harmless Agreement

facility usage hold harmless agreement

Mutual Hold Harmless and Indemnification Agreement

mutual hold harmless and indemnification agreement

Printable Hold Harmless Agreement Template

printable hold harmless agreement template

Repossession Hold Harmless Agreement

repossession hold harmless agreement

Standard Hold Harmless Agreement

standard hold harmless agreement

Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement

waiver of liability and hold harmless agreement

How to Write a Hold Harmless Agreement?

A Hold Harmless Agreement comes in handy for various spheres like real estate, automotive, medical etc. It is extremely important that the language used in the agreement be highly professional and in sync with the directions of the law. Here is how you can write a hold harmless agreement.

  • Start by identifying the two parties between whom the agreement is being made.
  • You should begin with the name and details of the party who will be saved from the liability.
  • Next should be the details of the person who signing the agreement and releasing the liability. You need to specify the details of the liabilities the other party is being released from and the conditions under which this works.
  • Make sure to add a few clauses about the breach of agreement and the repercussions for both the parties.
  • Put in the law that will be enforced once the agreement is signed.
  • At the end should be a section to add the signatures and seals of the two parties.

How does a Hold Harmless Agreement Work?

A hold harmless agreement is used in tandem with Purchase Agreements, sales agreements etc and is one that is used to release one of the parties from certain liabilities in case of an injury or any other untoward incident. The party signing the agreement to release the liability does this being well aware of the consequences and the risks being undertaken. On the other hand, the party that is being released from the liability can be assured that he or she would not be held responsible for any problems. By signing this agreement the parties agree to the terms elaborated.

Formulate a contract that is comprehensive and detailed

  • These free templates will help you formulate your contract, without your having to worry about doing it yourself, with or without professional help – you can lay out all terms of agreement for all parties involved in a clear and detailed manner
  • If someone is using your property or performing services for you in which certain risks may be involved, you can use our templates by way of example to set up a Hold Harmless contract
  • The sample provided should help you do this, and you can set up an Management Agreement that will help minimize the possibility of problems arising between parties, by allowing one or all parties to limit their legal liability

Ensure that the clauses or conditions of the Agreement are valid

  • Just make sure that you are aware of the validity of the Agreement being formulated (as this may vary from place to place), and for the rest, you can rely on these simple, easy-to-follow templates
  • Once you have formulated a whole satisfactory Hold Harmless Agreement statement, it should be very easy to proceed with the project at hand, once the terms have been laid out, understood, and agreed upon; make sure the exact terms are clear to all signatories, to prevent any trouble, should you be faced with unforeseen circumstances
  • Download the template for free, edit if necessary on either Word or Excel, print, and proceed

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