Counter argument is a speech or set of written of reasons or facts that opposes a certain idea or view by a person or a group. Today it is seen in many forms form radio comments, television, Newspaper Articles and even in the website, anyone in free to do this as long as there is no rights are violated to avoid any charges.An example is choosing a topic like prohibition of use of synthetic plastics of any kind due to its toxins and harmful effect to humans and nature.

You will support this claims and state some events or information regarding the use of plastics against the claims of people who sees plastic as cheap and safe. You will then refute this by indicating the increase incidence of cancer and pollution due to plastics, you will then refute this statement and vice versa. You must put it in a persuasive and factual statement to prove your side right.

Persuasive Essay Template

persuasive essay template

This sample of persuasive essay template is basically a blueprint guideline regarding how the debate should be conducted. The template starts with the introduction of the speakers and the topic followed by supporting evidence and option for refuting possible future arguments. The third paragraph is dedicated for the closing lines which are followed by supporting documents to prove the point.

Persuasive Essay Counter Argument Example

persuasive essay counter argument example

This sample of persuasive essay counter argument example is a basic guideline about how to proceed with an argumentative essay. It lays emphasis on the fact that before commencing the essay the writer should take into consideration the point of view of both the parties. The sample then proceeds to define the various possibilities of organizing an argumentative essay

Counter Argument Example for Kids

counter argument example for kids

This sample of counter argument example for kids is a template which gives parents an idea about how a child shall be taught the basics of writing an argumentative essay. This sample also includes a list of things which shall be provided by the school and things which a student needs to work on all by himself.

Counter Argument Transitions

counter argument transitions

Counter Argument Transitions This sample of counter argument transitions teaches a writer, how he can transition from one paragraph to another while writing an argument for and against a particular statement or topic. It explains the importance of quick transition lays importance on the usage of certain keywords which can help the writer to achieve logical progression of thoughts.

Counter Argument Example Paragraph

counter argument example paragraph

Counter Argument Example Sentence

counter argument example sentence

Counter Argument Example Middle School

counter argument example middle school

Counter Argument Example in an Essay

counter argument example in an essay

Writing a Counterargument Template

writing a counterargument template

Tips for Writing a Good Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays test a person’s ability to provide an appropriate criticism for a particular thought and how methodically he can draw a conclusion on that specific idea. The following tips would help you to write a better argumentative essay.

  • If you are quoting data, make sure you do not make up facts and figures.
  • Aim writing short sentences that are forceful in nature and avoid the temptation of writing long sentences in the hope of impressing the readers.
  • Make sure you plan your essay well in advance and start with the solid points in favor of your arguments.
  • Do not write emotional stuff and always cite your sources
  • Lastly leave sufficient amount of time for revising your essay.

What Does A Student Learn From Writing An Argumentative Essay?

Argumentative essays requires a lot of research, so one of the most important skills which a student learns while writing these kind of essays includes finding credible sources, summarizing relevant research and synthesizing data. It also helps a student to put his ideas in a logical format so that his essay can have a clear and distinct conclusion. Besides these two main advantages, it also helps a student to develop a critical thinking and improvise his writing skills.

What Is The Purpose Of Writing An Argumentative Essay?

There are many reasons and objectives behind writing an argumentative essay. However, the primary purpose seems to be make claims based on factual evidence in order to convince the readers through the merit and reasonableness of the claims and proofs offered.

Writing a well structured argumentative essay is considered as a key skill in several competitive examinations. The samples given above can help you to organize all the points and guide you with ideas which can help you to convince your readers about your opinion in a reasonable manner.

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