When a company or individual is sending a document narrating their willingness to be associated with a consultant, the consultant proposal is used. Essentially the person or company is offering certain specific services. This can be an out come of a discussion between two parties or in certain cases it can be done voluntarily also. Putting the offer in very clear terms is essence of winning the job. The format for Consultant Proposal Template can be downloaded from the net either in word or in PDF format as the case may be.

Consulting Proposal Template

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Consulting Proposal Template Download


This sample of consulting proposal template is a government relations proposal prepared for National Association of Flood Adversity. This template begins with the executive summary of the entire plan, followed by the scope of services of the entire plan and description of every key personnel. The template ends with the estimate of the fees payable to every executive for their services, which is then signed by the president of the company.

Consultant Proposal Template Sample


This sample of consultant proposal template is designed for the usage of department of transportation in Florida, USA. The document however can be modified and used for any other department in any organization. This template begins with the name, address and contact details of the proposed firm. It then proceeds to write down the details of the project before proceeding to the declaration of confidentiality.

Consultant Proposal Format


This sample of consultant proposal format is a business proposal for the real estate company. This template is quite a lengthy one and starts with an introduction mentioning the objective and purpose of the template. The second part consists of the confidentiality agreement which is duly signed by the concerned parties. The latter half of the template describes the various aspects of the business model.

Consultant Proposal Template Free


This sample of consultant proposal template consists of begins with the statement of confidentiality and non- disclosure. The following paragraph demands an acknowledgement of secrecy from the opposite party and specifies that upon request this document should be deleted from all hard disks at once. The declaration is followed by a space for signing the document, followed by name, title, address and date of the organization.

Free Consultant Proposal Template


Consultant Proposal Template PDF


What Is A Consulting Proposal?

A consulting proposal is regarded as a document which is sent to the client from the consulting company describing the details of the job, which they wish to undertake. It also includes a list of various conditions under which the job can be undertaken. The proposal is usually written after both the parties have come to a mutual understanding regarding the job. A clear and effective proposal enhances the image of the company and portrays a good image of the consultants.

How to Write a Consulting Proposal?

Before writing down a proposal, it is important that you do your homework well. Gather as much information possible regarding the client and the nature of the job from various sources. The second most important part is to write down the terms of the job. Make sure you clearly mention the terms of work to ensure that you do not end up working more than what you are being paid for. Describe the nature of the job in details and then mention your qualifications and hat kind of services the client can expect from you. Propose a sum for your services and close the proposal by summarizing the important points. You May also See Business Proposal Template.

Tips for Writing an Effective Consulting Proposal

  • While writing a proposal focus on the business of the buyer, rather than on your line of products. Try to know what his requirements are, instead of telling them what you have to offer.
  • Keep your proposal simple and effective. Make sure when the buyer leaves he has no confusion in his mind regarding your products or services.
  • Include some important points in your proposal like summary, goals, project details, responsibilities, investment and terms of service. Lastly give them a good idea about the return on investment which they could earn by doing business with you.

Writing a consulting proposal is not an easy job. Many companies, delegate this job to lawyers and third party vendors. However if you wish to draft a proposal yourself, you can download one of our template and make it the base of your work or use them directly for your proposal with some minor changes.

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